Mono Dub 1

This is the first of a series of dub techno-inspired tracks that originated on my monomachine.


Great minds think alike! I used to have a series of dub techno tracks called Monodub 1-10 , made with the Monomachine.

Not online anymore though.

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beautiful track. dub on the mono never gets old :slight_smile:

was all the percussion mnm as well?

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It’s kind of an obvious name, but yeah, MnM is great for dubby stuff with its copious amount of delays.

Thanks :slight_smile: the drums were made with Softube Heartbeat, and some cymbal samples.

Nice. Very calming and relaxing track. Perfect to listen to here at my deserted office right before the holidays. Good stabs, but also interesting little unexpected sounds too, like the bubbling synth noises and pad swells.

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nice one!!!

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Here’s the second in the series: Our Planet’s Beating Heart