Monomachine second hand prices gone way up!

I just picked one up for 600 bucks so there! Thank you to the person who decided to ask a reasonable price for it.


I recently snagged another one.

What I am seeeing is actually a lack of supply, not as much an increase in price. What I mean by that is it seems that very few are being sold.

Some people are pricing high and hoping someone is impatient enough to pay, but if you are patient, you can find one at fairly close to the price they have been going for years (like the above poster).

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They aren’t making any more of them and it’s one of Elektron’s most magical boxes, despite the shortcomings of the sequencer. Deals can still be had, but at this point I think most of them have wound up in studios where they are cherished. People either love them or hate them so I think the people that love them are just holding onto theirs :cowboy_hat_face:



bought mki in 2007
sold in 2012 to upgrade to mkii
sold in 2014 to upgrade to mkii w/ +drive

since i got it, it’s always played a big role in my music.

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I bought a mk2 without a plus drive. I hope I’m not missing too much without a plus drive, but from my understanding, it isn’t like the Machinedrum +drive, that’s a more important deal.

I put a question through to Elektron support recently who confirmed they’re still able to upgrade the Mk2’s to a plus drive - for what seemed like a really reasonable price.


So we’re approaching the 3 year anniversary of the discontinuation of the monomachine and mkii +drives are still going for ~$1200.

Is it only going to get worse from here?

That’s about the price they were before the purge. Is that really all that high?

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I must have been really lucky to have scored a MKII for AUD$900 which included the battery replacement. Following a brief and unsuccessful romance with the Digitakt, I am utterly beguiled by the MnM… its only been a month but it feels like true love


Im not sure id sell mine for less than $2k. I mean, what could i buy with that money anyway, that’s better than mnm?


Dont sell your Monomachine ! There is nothing like it really.


I’m starting to look for one, I sold mine years ago and have been missing it lately

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The original Monomachine was one of the most defiantly original synths of recent times. Love it or hate it, it definitely belongs in the MOMA.


I’m a simple guy; I see a thread praising the Monomachine and I read the comments and like them.


And in the Philharmonie de Paris instrument museum right next to the VCS3


I’m looking since 2 years here in vienna for one.
Nothing. Nada. Nix. ничего. Niente.

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That Thom Yorke interview just added a couple of hundred quid onto the prices! :flushed:

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The monomachine is very sought after these days. Personally I’d pay like 800€. But I gués you could get 1000€ if you want to. For me it usually is more about smooth trading than max profit

When selling second hand, I usually check on AudioFanzine to check the average price.

800€ for UW+ mk2 would be a good price, but you may want to aim higher.

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It will duck in price but I think it will rise again
I think Autechre dropping the Sysex also helped gain interest

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