Moog Matriarch & MPC One (USB)

Hi all - I’m trying to connect my Moog and MPC with a USB cable so I can send midi data back and fourth between the two of them. However I can’t seem to get any data to transfer in either direction. I tried with midi cables and that worked, but if possible I would prefer to do this over USB.

Any tips or thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

You would need to connect the Matriarch to the MPC One’s USB Host port if it has one. Looks like that orange port is perhaps the host? You would have to check the MPC’s manual to find out.

There may also be global settings on both devices to allow MIDI over USB.

Thanks. It must be something with the global settings on the Moog. I need to keep doing trial and error to see if can get it working.

When you connect them via USB, if you go to the main track page and select a Midi track, can you see the Matriarch as a device?
You should see it there automatically.

No, unfortunately I don’t see it there when I do that.

Is the Matriarch class compliant?

I just double checked it with the arturia key step and it’s not seeing midi through that either. I double-checked using a midi out cable from the Moog to the MPC and that worked

Check the USB cable.

Check your MPC prefs- look for the box for ‘ENABLE MIDI PORTS WHEN DISCOVERED’ and check it.
Make sure you set the Matriarch to TRACK In and Out if you need both.

This is what my Main Screen looks like when it’s working;

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Thanks for sending this screen grab. I’ve tried a couple midi cables and still nothing. I also tried different midi keyboards (Keystep and Qunexus) with no results. Is it possible there is somewhere on the MPC where I need to change the midi input to USB?