Moog MF-101 Lowpass filter or alternative filter/effect

I’m considering getting this filter pedal to use with my Blofeld, samples in the Ableton, and soft synths. Last batch of the Moog MF-101 is being sold now, Thomann told me they will sell out in 2-3 weeks. Are there alternatives in this price range that could do something similar?

That Moog filter is a big part of that so called moog sound. It sounds fantastic, the drive knob nearlly could be considered an additional fx. I really like it, i´ll keep it forever.

But having said that, i´m not sure if I´d buy it today. It´s really expensive
for just a LP filter. And you need additional equipment to use it´s CV inputs.

I assume you have in mind to “warm up” your digital sound sources.
The mf 101 can do that, but don´t forget it´s just mono.

I´d like to add that this kind of filter has a massive bass loss when you turn up resonance.

There are lot´s of alternatives.

I don´t use any computer at all for music, but If so i´d go with plug ins for doing that job instead of re-recording.

not easy to recommend hardware, for that money there´s a lot.
you can get a whole synth with ext audio input for less.
for a little bit more money you could get a vermona filter lancet.

compared to these examples the mf 101 is rather boring.

Thanks for the answer!
I don’t know why, but in my mind I had created this idea that a moog filter would give me some magic sound. I was actually looking at the Vermona Filter Lancet. Seems like more fun, and if can also warm the sound, perhaps it’s the more flexible solution, even though it’s also mono.

There is some magic in the mf-101, i did some A/B comparisons with build in filters of the same kind in moog-synths. got better results with the 101 - must be that drive knob.
It´s not that good in sounding agressive though.
it´s my go to pedal for loveley sounding slow smooth resonant filter sweeps.

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If you get the MF-101, consider getting one of the expression crossfaders I make. I call them Sidekicks
Here is a test I made with a Moog filter using an early Sidekick Crossfader prototype :


That sounds so sweet! :slight_smile:
Not sure how many sweeps I’m gonna be making, though, so I’m kind of leaning towards a filter mangler like the Vermona type. I would just like to hear how it sounds first, hard to find tests or demos of it. In a perfect world I would get both!

Have you considered the analog heat? More expensive but stereo and a TON of sound shaping possibilities. I have one and find it a fantastic sound design tool. I haven t tried a Moog filter to compare though.

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Here i’m using my vermona retroverb lancet on a sample. Don’t know if that helps. It has the same filter as the filter lancet. I really like this box. Creamy filter and nice drive circuit. Can go into moog territory. But not the same of course. Had a mf-101 too and sometimes regret selling it. But i realized i can only use a limited amount of filter boxes in my lifetime. But i still own 4 or 5. :slight_smile:
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The Acidbox 3 from Erica Synths seems to be a cool filter too!
It’s a bit more expensive though.

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I have been told the Blofeld pairs nicely with this:


Roland’s Bitrazer kicks some serious low end. Lol double entendre! Hehe

I really like it. I wasn’t planning on buying one at all but one came up for sale and I watched this video…

The guy is funny. Go to about 2 minutes if you are in a rush to check what it can do on the low end.

It is also a switchable HPF/LPF too. Then there is the fact that the module is customisable; if you like oodles of noodles then you could be lost in the Twighlight Zone! :wink:

Unless you’re interested in the CV aspect I’d probably go for something like a 2nd hand Slim Phatty for not much more extra cost, that way you’ve got the audio in so you can route anything to the filter and you’ve also got a synth. As much as I love the Moogerfoogers, the cost is high for just a filter.

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Erica acidbox looks fun. Bitrazer as well. I’m limited by very small table space. I only have room for one more little box. Thanks for the suggestions!

I ended up with a MF-101, I just had to hear what it sounded like. I love how it colours the sound on soft synths and digital synths. The enevlope follower is a lot of fun. Also got a MF Drive for making more rough sounds.

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i use mine a lot recently.
highly recommend to try some sequencer into the cutoff cv input.
with high resonance you get a nice sounding sine oscillator.
after many years of owning the 101 i suddenly realize that the bass drop i always didn´t like can be a really good thing.
it gets even better if you trigger a percussive soundsource with the same
steps you trigger the cutoff cv on the 101.
i was surprised how accurate this enevelope follower can operate.
nice interaction of the drive knob and the amount knob.
always loved that box. a bit boring but it sounds fantastic.
very slow filtersweeps with high resonance on drone/bordun/pad sounds can sound like just one sweet spot.
some mf 101 love here - lol (thing was unused for years)