Moog Modular Model 15 first run

I just took delivery of a Moog Model 15 as I’ve put the Eurocrack project on hold for a while…

A simple pattern on the Cirklon playing while I tweak some knobs and play with the envelopes, and the fixed filter bank… Jomox Alpha Base on drum duty.

I really can’t stress how much fatter the 15 sounds in real life… It breathes when you push it… At the 7:30-9:00 min mark you also get a sense of how low and penetrating the 15 can go…


Wow!! I was gonna expand my eurorack but this made me think about it until remember model 15’s price. Great sound. I also liked the Alpha Base.

Thanks, yes it’s pricey but you can achieve similar results with added functionality from other manufacturers (COTK, Moon, .COM etc) for cheaper… will sound just as good.

More importantly, as my first venture into MU format and coming from Euroack, I have to say its a completey different league/experience of fun.

And needless to say the Model 15 feels and looks incredible. The craftmanship is excellent…


Have you compared the sound with Model 15 iOS app? Does the app get close?

Yes I have the app too.

Its exceptionally good and gets very close - they’ve aced it and also implemented plenty of useful features (Arp, FX, Keys, Polyphony! etc) not available on the hardware…

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Thing 1: she is a beauty.

Thing 2: touching moog cosmonaut knobs take you to another dimension. The app can take you to one too, but the knobs are more immediate.

Congrats man

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Thank you pal - I’ve been eyeing one for a while see what the fuss (if any) is about…

Moog knobs, particularly on the Voyager, Model D and modulars are straight out of NASA!

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nice vibey loop. i assume the chord is from the alpha base … is that a sample or the fm engine?


Thank you - it’s a sample from the Alpha Base, but not what you’d expect… its actually a Tom sample (!) which being modulated as it passes through its VCA/VCF with an LFO…

The Alpha Base is just ACE.


Now that’s not a Behringer. That’s the real deal.
That’s how analog should be done


Take 2… varying it up a little and then some sonic madness last few mins of watery, oceany, weird fm(y) cross modulation(y) with the Moog Voyager KB… Jomox again on drum duty:

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