More noobing: Track starts sampling without recorder trigs

I’ve got the recording setup menu up and when I press play it begins sampling (immediately), and yet there are no recorder trigs placed (on any track even). It also re-triggers sampling every bar.

What setting have I missed?


  • Taylor

For it to be sampling there must be trugs somewhere. I’ve sometimes had a trig in the last step and not noticed.

Hit record button (the red one) then press function edit to see the trigs.

Thanks! I didn’t know that any trig could initiate sampling. I thought it was only “recorder trigs” that are created when the recorder setup menu is active.

No I think you’re correct. Only recorder trigs will initiate sampling.

I have a similar problem.
Let’s say I have a playback trig on trig 1 and I set a one-shot recording trig also on trig 1. So I’m expecting to playback the recorded sample after the recording. However the recording starts over unless I delete the normal playback trig on trig 1.
Am i missing something?

Should work with one shot trig as REC trig (REC SETUP page), and a trig in playback page.

I guess you swapped them.

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Yes, I’m on the REC SETUP page. I didn’t mix up the trigs. Also tried to place a normal (red) recording trig and deleted it during the recording. The recording starts over unless I hit “no” to go back to playback trigs and delete trig 1.

So you have „+” sign on the screen untill you remove playback trig?
Do you change Parts in the project?

Yes, exactly.
No, I did not discover the Parts yet. I’m pretty new to the OT.

Lots of user errors are available when trying/learning things (adding, removing, changing trigs functions…)
Try if the same bahaviour you are able to reproduce in new project.


Are you shure it’s starting over or maybe it just keeps going? What’s your rlen setting in record setup?


It does really seem like you swapped them… You placing record trigs while the rec setup is showing and you’ve pressed the main record button to enter grid recording for record trigs, rec setup still showing? You exit there so that the regular track edit pages are showing and have main record button pressed for grid recording play trigs, edit page still showing?

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I must admit that this has happened to me too, and I still don’t know why.

Because it is pretty confusing maybe? :slight_smile:
Blinking red led for rec trigs would be less confusing…

Why not blue, or magenta… too much red already!

Not sure MKI can do that…
Red for recording make sense no?

But then we’d just think it’s p locked…

How about some Morse code blinking rec trigs that spell out “REC”? Way less confusing

Plocks are alternating between red and red dim…not as obvious as blinking.
Anyway, something to differentiate them would be interesting…:content:

I’m pretty sure that I did not swap them. Also checked at the Track Trig Edit page where you can see placed trigs for playback and record as well. I’ll try to make a video this weekend.

By night, probably, yes but in broad daylight it’s another story