Morphing between patterns?

Is there a way to change patterns without starting the new one on the first beat, like continuing where the previous left off? I want to give variation to drum parts on the fly without restarting the chords assigned in midi tracks.

in short, no it’s not possible. you can set up the sequencer to jump to a new pattern already after the next 2 trigs minimum. but it will start at the first bar of that new pattern and be out of sync.

Any suggestions on a good way to vary drum beats without changing patterns? My first thought is to resample existing patterns, create a sample chain and play slices. Is there a more obvious method I’m overlooking?

just use scenes and the slider to either change slices around or fade different parts of the beat up and down and mangle the beat in all kinds of ways and jump back to the original settings in an instant.

In addition to what alfred suggested, you could try LFOs or One Shot Trigs