Motu 828 mk2 FW + osx high sierra =?

Hello everybody

Im currently on the lookout for a new audiointerface, and I got a good deal on a motu 828 mk2 with firewire.
From what I’ve heard, this model is a workhorse and does the job pretty darn well, but…

Will it run properly on the new OSX, and will FW die in a few years or what?

So I would like to hear if anyone is using this audiointerface on the new OSX, and what your experiences are so far?
… Or just comments on the audio interface in general?



Why do you need to be on High Sierra? Most audio manufacturers and developers don’t update the software as soon as a new Mac OS is released. In this case it may never happen since the 828mk2 is no longer one of MOTU’s current products.
Apple dropped Firewire years ago and there are hardly any new devices using it. If you’re budget conscious I recommend not marching to Apple’s beat.

Hmm, good question actually - but I guess I like to keep my macbook updating with the newest osx, I’ve always done it that way.

The newest OSx does not make the computer run any faster…

Firewire is still fully supported and widely used professionally. As long as the manufacturer offers support and drivers, using a Thunderbolt port (which includes the USB-C ports in Pro Macs) with a Thunderbolt to Firewire dongle will perform just as good, if not better than a built-in Firewite port in an older Mac.

FWIW I had a MOTU 828 MK2 FW running fine on Windows 10. I’m still using it today. Long story short I got forced to full back to Win 7 after my primary HDD failed (no option to upgrade for free again). The only weird thing now is no matter what I do I can’t get the MIDI part to work, but I’ve got an older model MIDI Express XT running fine on Win 7.

The 828 MK2 is indeed a workhorse. I know a friend who had one running just fine on an older Mac with a Firewire to USB dongle/converter.

I had a 828 mkII since 2005 till 2015 running on a windows xp first and then on windows 7. Never had an issue and in fact I had connected two MOTUs and a Behringer ADAT all working properly.

Happy long-time 828mk2 user here too. Have had it for ages. Now connected to my home studio desktop hackintosh (OSX Yosemite). I have an Ultralite mk3 hybrid as well and I never found that one as stable and reliable as the 828mk2.

But I can 't advise FW as a long term investment. Desktops can easily be fitted with a FW PCIe card but new laptops don’t get the ports anymore. We have to rely on thunderbolt-FW adapters and my experience is not good. My Win10 laptop (MSI GS63VR 6RF) has TB3 (USB-C connector). I tried going to FW via Apple adapters: TB3-TB2 + TB2-FW. The 828mk2 was completely unstable. Tons of crackles and garbage.

I’m moving between many computers for my work and I need setups to be flexible. Therefor I’d get a USB interface if I were to get a new one now.

I have no experience with Windows laptops in this regard, but on Macs, using Apple’s dongles to get FW over Thunderbolt (both Tunderbolt 2 and 3) works just fine in most cases. The only issues I’ve had was with bus-powered firewire hard drives.

Thanks for all the answers :slight_smile:

I ended up getting a focusrite s pro40 instead, it was cheaper than the 828mk2 - so I guess I did the right thing. Now I just need the darn fw-thunderbolt converter.

I’m running an 828mk2 expanded by a 2408 via light pipe. Runs 16 channels on FW to my 2012 MacBook pro running High Sierra with no problems.

I use a Saffire pro 40 too. It’s good… the software control panel is not so friendly though. I had to look for help to enable headphone outputs … there are 10 numbered buttons on the right, above the master volume control… you have to shift click on the 7-8 (headphones 1) and/or 9-10 (headphones 2) so that they are grey. :confused:

Hey! I got couple of motu’s right now running together int the studio. 896Mk3 FW400 and 828Mk3 Hybrid USB. The reason why I use Motu particularly is that their drivers support every single legasy interface ever made! I have an original 828 FW400 and it is supported by the drivers and work flowesly on High Sierra with either Mac Pro on the studio or the Thunderbolt-firewire adapter. Upgrade without fear, they all work as good as the first day out of the box! :smiley:
Here is a photo of both 828s working together !

I used to run a 828mk2 for years. Worked great other than I had a funky unit that required me to switch the audio rate a time or two before it’d work every time I turned it on.

Kinda wished I never sold it now that I have time to work on music again.