Moving daws, what now?

so I’m moving from Live to Bitwig, what are your suggestions in terms of holding onto my old projects?

Should I just go through them methodically and bounce the tracks down?

edit: it’s been a long while, but i suppose there’s an end to everything.

Bounce a dry and a wet version for each track of a song?

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I was thinking of freezing/flattening everything

are you selling your Live license. ?
if so i suppose you can bounce everything out.
or if its really just for archival purposes. back it up. back it up again. and store it.

Forget them and move on. Too radical? :slight_smile:

I have back ups of Logic, Live and Cubase projects that range from 5-15 years old. The only thing I’ve ever “revisited” is the audio stems of those projects, if I even happened to record or bounce anything down. I revisited with the intent to sample, but I never did. I just like creating new stuff too much.

PS: I’m also “switching” to Bitwig. The modulators are so so SO awesome!


@andtrevor Aye, selling. Live 4-9

@papertiger i think i’ll jump in and do a quick freeze/flatten of everything and move on to newer/brighter tracks :grin:

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