MPC Software and Overbridge Multi-Tracking


I recently purchased a Digitakt and am at the point where I want to start mixing tracks in the DAW.

I also use an MPC and want to make use of Overbridge in the MPC Software to multi-track record my Digitakt tracks via USB.

I’m really struggling to get this setup. It’s straightforward enough to get all audio in from the Digitakt but have no idea how to get separate tracks recorded in.

Has anyone managed to get this to work in the MPC Software?


Yes, it works.

  • install overbridge
  • start the MPC software
  • (on Windows) you got an install Folder Steinberg/VST Plugins/Elektron, take one of the .dll files, for example Digitakt.dll, and drag and drop them to the opened MPC Software Window.
  • open a midi track (program type “plugin”), choose under VSTS Digitakt.
  • in the mpc software on pc, on the left side, there is a little icon next to “plug in - Digitakt”, click there to open the Overbridge Window in the mpc software.

mybe there are easier ways to do that.

Hi Ikkebins,

thank you for the explanation but how do you enable multitrack recording?

Now there is one instance of overbridge running and the output is the master (all tracks). The starting page of the overbridge plugin says “Only use one plugin instance per physical device”. So I should not load overbridge into the MPC a second time. Furthermore even if that would work, I cannot assign the different outputs (e.g. only Kick on track 1, snare on track 2,…) to specific tracks. I think multitrack recording is impossible on the MPC software. But it is possible with Ableton.