Multitracking a mojo synth vs multiple dedicated job synths

superb sounds! airglow fires <3 <3 <3

the deepmind 6 is a lot of synth for very little money…


I know it sounds crazy, but I like my prophet 6 Desktop as much as my Deepmind 12D. But then again, I don’t multitrack anything, sequence everything and record everything in one go.

If I had to pick a desert Island synth, one synth to multitrack everything from, though, I’d probably go with the Digitone, It does everything! and some things extremely well!

If I had to pick just two synths to create everything from, it would be the Deepmind 12D and Digitone.

I primarily make braindance and IDM though, so take what I’m saying with a grain of salt.


WRT fitting in mix, a valid point but eq can help here, as well as of course filtering low/high pass.

The boutique synths sound really incredible I think, people sleep on them because of the small size, mini jacks, polyphony etc, but from a purely sound point of view they are almost flawless, IMHO.


since I really do enjoy your music, and the more synth related stuff I do is going in a not too different direction, these are very interesting points to me, thanks.
I’m with you on the digitone…

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I love the Roland boutiques! the SH-01a is great. I have the JP-08 which sounds fantastic its just hard to do sound design on. the TB-03 is great too. The best part about the boutiques is the fantastic midi implementation on all of them. I wish Roland made them all a tad bit larger (just a tad).

I think so too. Actually I was thinking of the boutiques when I was writing about dedicated jobs synths. Although the sh01a and ju06a can do more, probably most of the sounds I usually use, pretty well

So… Do you think your deepmind can get into same ballpark as the boutiques regarding roland bass sounds?

I made this track just using 4 Roland Boutiques! No multi tracking. They aren’t toys, they are real instruments.

Roland JP08 (Pads)
Roland SE02 (Airy Lead)
Roland SH01a (Bass)
Roland TR08 (Percussion)


So… Do you think your deepmind can get into same ballpark as the boutiques regarding roland bass sounds?

Yes. it does a good 101/juno

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JX-03 is pretty under rated too, let down a little by the limited patch storage, but it sounds really nice I think.


I don’t own that one but the JX-03 is one giant sweet spot.

great sounds :)…
I’m obsessed with the analord eps again lately and with microlith.
I try to do my own, very simplified version of this kind of genre, but these are pretty much sounds I’m after.

I probably should get some rolandish sound source… deepmind, boutiques or system 8 I guess…
prophet 6 sounds still pretty great :wink:

I know, I had the sh01a. It sounds great. I sold it cause I had so much problems with the USB noise. But I read now that that’s common issue with the boutiques when you power them with USB and use audio via USB.

I could try the roland cloud for one free month. There is a plugin version of the system 8

Yeah, I process them using an analog mixer/tape. the USB noise was never an issue.

A lot of what we love about those albums is the other analog gear that those iconic synths went through (tubes, transformers, transistors, and tape)

that’s probably true!
but that’s not in accordance with my small setup plans though :slight_smile:

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I agree the Ambika is far from a 1 knob per function synth and it is menu divey, but it’s got such a nice Roland type sound to it with the SMR4 filters. The Multitimbral voice menu is really flexible too. It’s an awesome pairing with the Digitone. It does have a performance mode where you can assign the knobs to specific functions. Maybe that combined with mapping some midi cc from your Digitone could get you the extra control you need.

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Yea the Deepmind is a menu diving machine. Great for pads and round warm even bubbly sounds. You won’t get a buzzy fat bass from it. Pairs great with a Digitone tho.

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Yeah Roland dropped the ball on not spending the extra 50 cents to put a DC power jack on them, or at least galvanically isolating the ground connection.

A USB ground loop isolator should take care of the noise, not too expensive.

Using the audio jacks can also cause the same noise if powering via USB, a audio ground loop isolator works well for this.

But yeah, totally should not be necessary.


hmm. I hoped it does that too, since the Junos (also the boutique) do great basses

You’ll get a round bass but not a buzzy bass like you’ll find on a sh or prophet.

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Do you think with such a isolator, you can use usb power and audio from at the same time?