Music live + Dark trinity

Live with my band and dark trinity :wink: Comments and criticism are welcome !


wow, this made my morning. beautiful tunes and i love the vibe you’re developing :slight_smile:

i know from experience how much effort goes into band prep, and of course this was a live rather than a studio recording, so i hope these thoughts help you:

terrific piano work across the board and excellent sax playing. the electronic parts you’re creating are lovely too, well-arranged and appropriately understated for the genre. sometimes i felt like the a4 lead lines were a bit too buzzy for the context. maybe some creative LFOs on the lpf would be worth exploring.

your singer has great vocal tone. in a few spots i felt her phrasing was too “tight” for the mood, like it would have gone better with more uptempo grooves. for these songs imho it’s all about making the listener relax and breathe. :wink: i also thought she might try improvising over more than a couple of phrases at a time – her melodic sense is great but the words got repetitive to my ears.

i felt like you could use more prominent basslines / low end generally, but that might just be a function of youtube reproduction.

anyway all this aside, i dug it generally and hope you’ll post more work soon!


Wow thank you very constructive comment !! I feel the same about the bass but also the guy who did the sound was not to much good … :slight_smile: But definitely there is a lack of bass composed in the music ! The singer is very “new” as a singer but i can hear a real potential… and definitely the words are really the weak point for me …
Sorry for my poor english !

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Some more work


And an other one where you can see much more the Dark trinity !


Wow. Please let me know as soon as you come playing a concert in Berlin. This is truely amazing! Wonderful!

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That last one is incredible :heart_eyes:

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Thank you guy i am still searching for the good mix between instruments and machines … :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to think of who the singer’s voice was reminding me of - Lizzy Parks.

Agree she has potential, she has a nice tone which is one of the hardest things to learn (if not impossible). Nice stuff, keep it up and good luck.

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I guess if she find HER good balance between Tzigane and Lisa Gerrard… it should be fine… she’s closed yet already I think… Adlib vocals is difficult anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

You are on the good way with your band… Maybe also find a good balance between atmospheric and mental song with some spicy things… for the audience. it’s always nice to hear some emotions rather than one particular mood. just my subjective point of view of course :wink:

it’s a good TRIO :wink:

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