My Digitakt is Still Running on 1.00. OS Update Question

I’m just wondering if I will lose data/samples when updating from 1.00 to 1.08? Or, will the patterns I’ve saved be drastically different? I read somewhere that someone lost data when doing an update which has made me hesitant to do it. Thanks.

Is your work saved in separate projects or in the Preset project? (not even sure if you CAN save in Preset project, never tried). Reason I ask is that that project could potentially be fair game for being overwritten/updated. Also maybe stuff in the first Sound Pool bank.

Anyway, you SHOULDN’T lose data from upgrading… doesn’t mean there might not be some bugs or risk of it happening, but it definitely isn’t the norm.

As far as things sounding drastically different, the main things that have changed are:
Bit crusher
New compressor (off by default)
Also some ways that trigless locks (the yellow ones) affected Filter (and maybe LFO?) retriggers, forget when that came into play
Probably some other little stuff…

I did have a few patterns that I had live-recorded all sorts of crap onto, and after one of the updates, they got kind of messed up, like delay trails would keep on going way longer than I originally had…

All that to say, not much SHOULD change but there could be weird unexpected changes. If you plan on live-performing anything after the upgrade, definitely go through and thoroughly test everything well in advance!

Thanks for the detailed reply. I think I’m just going to bite the bullet and do it. I really want to check out the new compressor.


Do it! The improved bit reduction alone is worth the update. Never used it very much before, but now it’s on almost all of my tracks.


Just did it. Everything is intact and actually most of it sounds better! You’re right, the bit reduction is a hell of lot more usable. The compressor is pretty cool too.


Welcome to the new age