My first full one hour improvised techno set

Reminds me a lot to the music of dataline: Always chaning, not static, a lot of drive, sometimes very interesting sounds but yet boring (at least to me).

Fortunately tastes vary from person to person so keep on rockin!

Thank you all so much for your feedback and comments! It’s so kind of you to take time to listen!

@ChrisAllen I used to have a Moog MF Dist but not anymore. For effects I only use the Analog Four’s. I have a small Behringer-mixer going into the A4, but that’s it.

@Least Useless Usually just a Limiter and maybe a compressor of some sort.

Amazing set!

Makes me happy to know this is possible with the Trinity and few additional synths though it’ll probably take me a lifetime to even come close to making stuff like this. Thanks for sharing!

No at the moment I’m trying to utilize a setup without mixer and effect boxes for portability, but I’m thinking about getting into that! Octatrack and Analog Four are my mixers. (I have a small, cheap Behringer too should I need it.)
@Least Useless, I record in one take into Ableton. There on the master I try to master a bit by myself using limiter, compressor and EQ.