My first piece of hardware - I'm having issues/Renoise/Cubase

I have been a software producer for many, many, many years. And I’ve always wanted something from Elektron, and I finally got a Digitakt - which I’ve had for a few days, and it was kind of easy to figure it out, well most of it, “sorta.” I see it is quite endless and awesome…

That being said, getting the exact synced sounds and pattern out of Digitakt into Renoise 3.2, or Cubase 10.5 pro is giving me a massive headache, and a tone of issues.

If you can help…

  1. When I load Overbridge in Renoise, and use the multi-outs, the tracks in Renoise are extremely quiet.
  2. If there is no midi in the pattern editor, then obviously, nothing will render. I do not want to have to re-program the beat in Renoise, that I make on Digitakt, because I do not think it will ever sort of come out quite the same. What is your set up, how are you getting the audio out of Digitakt, and into Renoise?
  3. If I do send midi to Overbridge from the Renoise pattern editor, it just messes up the pattern on Digitakt, and I start loosing parts of my beat.

In Cubase 10.5 life is pretty similar.

That is, if I have Overbridge on an instrument track, and start the pattern on Digitakt volume is ok. When I make several audio tracks to record the output of Digitakt, volume is super quiet. Also, since I have no idea how to start and stop the sequencer with midi, I can not sync to transport.

Anyways, like I said, this is my first piece of outboard hardware that is not a, “monitor, midi controller, or audio card.”

And I am having an absolutely rough time with some of this stuff. So if you can help me a little, I would very much appreciate it.



I don’t use Cubase or Renoise, so I can’t help much with those, but regarding tracks being low in volume when using OB: that’s something that’s been noted on here quite a few times. It’s designed like that to provide plenty of headroom. If you want to raise the volume of the tracks, you can use a utility gain plugin to bump the levels.

Re: syncing, make sure the sync options in the Overbridge plugin are set to clock and transport in the box at top of plugin window:

Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 09.02.31

then I would have thought that the Digitakt should sync clock and transport with Cubase, so when you hit start or record in Cubase everything should be synced (but then I am not a Cubase user, so you may need to do something else as well).

That’s a lot of head room…

I seem to get audio dropouts when I play with Overbridge in the DAWS. Is it buggy or am I doing something wrong? Like, for instance, everything was just working fine, and I started adjusting the filter envelope on the snare, and then, “poof,” all audio sound cuts, but the tracks still have their faders pumping.

This usually fixes on total reboot. What do we think? No audio coming out of my monitors whatsoever. Same deal in Renoise…

Dropouts might be because your buffer size is too small for your system. You can change it using the Overbridge Control Panel.

That may have helped. I think I had the driver performance mode cranked up way too high

Edit = LOL, I figured out that you have to render in Renoise in real time…

Would love to hear people’s thoughts on rendering in Cubase

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What do you want to know about the rendering over overbridge in cubase?
Its a bit off a fuzz to get it going, but its works great once you have set it up.

Here we go. That’s how it done in cubase.

I wanted to know how to set it up

That’s it? I was hoping for something a little more convoluted. But thank you!! :wink: