My first release in Production Music ! d^_^b

Let me know what you think!


I bump this because I really would like to receive some feedbacks from you, fellow Elektronauts.

those tracks are plenty of Elektron boxes…guess which :slight_smile:
Seeing is believing

really awesome work. super inspirational, i think more people here should give it a listen you will be pleasantly surprised. the arrangements are stellar :slight_smile:

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Yeah some really nice stuff. Some of it isn’t my cup of tea (the sort of big dubstep wah wah thing) but got plenty of time for tunes like Borders and Triangulate. Might not be the sort of stuff I’d listen to but can appreciate the craftsmanship involved.

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i did enjoy pretty much all the tracks on this one @sicijk :slight_smile: more those towards the end but overall i like it

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