My first use of the A4!

Here is a track I have just reworked, after I originally wrote it a year or more ago… The track is recorded live from Samplr into AudioShare. With me playing the A4 string patch live, over the top. Then Eq and Compression in Auria. The A4 is planned to be the link I need, to add analogue energies to my minimal digital domain! Generally I like to record a track live. Perhaps with some cuts/edits later. The world of cut and paste in Ableton etc is not my favourite way to happen upon experimental chance collisions. So, I take as many takes as I can till I get a reasonable live mixdown.This track focuses on sleaze and slack beats! 7-) Feedback mostly welcome!


The thing about the A4 is it looks like a digital synth nightmare of button punching, for the first day or so. Then this analog beast, with stereo effects, slips out in a monstrous fashion. Sounds that cut through in a mix.