My last recording using Elektron gear

Hello forum members,

Below is a link to me latest track. Enjoy!

This track is also available on BandCamp:

Have a good one.



Damn for a minute I feared you were getting rid of your Elektron machines !

Don’t do this, I like your tracks mate !
I regularly listen to спектър-256 (принос в науката) which seems to be a good contribution so Science iiuc.

What’s you gear btw ? MD only ? Or you also have a MM ?

you almost guessed it… MD + MnM :slight_smile:

About the name of the track - it comes from space physics, remote sensing of the Earth, space biology… and Spectral 256 was one of the equipment, specially created from Bulgarian scientists for one space flight, which allowed to conduct successful experiments and research, whose results were the Bulgarian contribution to the peaceful management of space.

Thnx for the nice words…