My next purchase..suggestions?

Just doing this music thing as a hobby, sold off some gear and thinking of my next purchase

I know i have enough music gear already but this brings me enjoyment and keeps me sane from the real world so i will continue buying and selling, trying things out etc :grinning:

i also don’t live close to a music store or have any music friends so i usually rely on Youtube demos etc

some current thoughts

a Strymon pedal, (i haven’t really got any external FX)

a Mixer (currently running everything through USB e.g. Akeys and Boutiques or my interface into Ableton…mixer will help me get OTB etc?)

save up and get an OTmk2 (have no external sampler, just using software samplers)

SH01A (like the look of this boutique and have been really impressed by my TB03 and JU06)

any suggestions or ideas?

(I am guessing some people are bored with these sorts of threads…If so I apologise in advance and please disregard )

Eventide Space, which I like a lot better than BigSky, is definitely a game changer.
You might prefer going for H9, but I just like knobs.


Thanks for suggestion

Can I ask are you running it as a send FX or using it with 1 synth? That’s what I am confused about with these external pedals

The Strymon pedals seem to be a default for people looking at fx pedals. There’s nothing wrong with them but there are a lot more options.

Maybe look at the Empress Reverb/Delay

Also look into the Meris Reverb and the their new Delay pedal.

But you should also look into the super cheap Zoom Ms 70 CDR multi effects pedal.


Thanks will view those videos I have heard of Empress reverb and the Zoom before but not the Meris ones yet…true Strymon seems to be the default

The pedal vortex is 2nd only to the Modular Wormhole.

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:grinning:Yeah I’ve viewed some of those Knobs Youtubes in the past, looks like fun… I would get my old Jackson 6 string out from under the bed if I buy some pedals

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I was looking at the Korg Monologue along with getting the Zoom pedal. I did think about the 101, having had one in the 90s, but may opt for the plugin.

The SH-01A is a ton of fun. I an also recommend the Zoom; it’s like a cheap Strymon.

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The Zoom MS-100 BT was recently discontinued so there may be some bargains to be had. It has all the MS-70CDR stuff plus tons of amps and distortions, some of those amps sound fantastic when driven.
Because of the discontinuation all the downloadable models are now free, only problem being the download app is iPad only.

Korg Monologue price now reduced to £260. So looks like I’ll get one for definite now.

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everyone loves telling each other what to buy, not to worry :heart_eyes:

the Octatrack mkII … heaps more fun than software samplers, and the funky swing feel of the Elektron vibe is a bonus. Grooves a lot better than software samplers in my experience.


@crybov @t @gigerbone thanks for your thoughts, sounds like the little Zoom pedals seem to good value, i will keep my eye out the MS 100 thanks for that tip

@previewlounge good to hear…yes i want to get OTB one day so a hardware sampler is on the list. Never had a go at the OT

I got a week off work so i will be watching plenty of Youtubes researching

if there is no need for timestretching i would highly recommend the Digitakt. super friendly and sounds gorgeous. But it’s for practical immediate tune-making, not so much for parameter exploring like the OT is.

I have looked at the Digitakt…i think the OT with the ability to play longer samples is better for me. I have the Rytm so my drums, one shot samples are currently taken care of there, once that easy sample transfer program comes into being that will make life easier with there.


A mixer is not the most exciting toy but it is key to getting OTB.

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very cool, yes i’m handling the drum side of things with the Machinedrum, OT for synths, nature sounds, vocals, percussion loops, so on and so forth. Loading a few analog synth bass samples to various partitions on the Machinedrum drives to occasionally do bass within that environment alongside the drums, as it seems appropriate sometimes.

ah, the longer sample option - so very useful. also the mixer side of the OT is pretty invaluable for live or studio.

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You mention Akeys, Rytm, boutiques, and Ableton…
Knowing which boutiques, if you use any other gear, and what type of music you like to make could help others make recommendations… :okej:

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Here my few cents …

Strymon pedals:
IMO you can’t go wrong with most of the Strymon or Eventide pedals. Talking Strymon … I think the three “big” boxes for time-effects are a good start for electronic music, “Big Sky” (reverb), “Time Line” (delay), and “Mobius” (chorus, phaser etc.). All boxes deliver excellent sound and different FX-variations.

How many channels/busses do you need? I would recommend to check out Allen Heath, Mackie, and Soundcraft.

If you get an OT and have not too many inputs, you can use it as a mixer too. Why not save up more and go for the “black trinity” in “gray”. If you want much sound mangling, think of a rhythm oriented box too. Eight audio tracks sometimes are limited, if we have kick, snare, HH, percussion etc. per track and want to make use of the various other OT features too.

You might start with one and end up with a collection :wink:

If you not stick to the design, the System-1 with it’s various plug-outs could also be an interesting alternative. I have the complete plug-out collection, including SH 101 and it’s really worth the money.

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Boutiques that i have at the moment are TB03 and JU06, i am not an expert but they sound really good to my ears and they are a lot of fun