My Rytm came with 1.02E Firmware?

Well my AR came with 1.02E… when the latest firmware is 1.02D… What the hell is this? There is no changelog anywere… I don’t understand!

But it feels buggy… :slight_smile:

Lucky you! Not that you haven’t got enough to be getting to grips with, but I’d be keen to see if there are any new engines, e.g. ring mod bass drum, or anything else you notice that isn’t in the manual! Big ask!! Did you get the one with the new USB cable and space time warp function?

Can it record retrigs?

Does it have different paint? :smiley:

Jus thinking wasn’t there a leaked update in a mail out a couple of weeks back that never came out? Could have just been A4, but maybe you got an new OS in error? Check for that ring mod kick pal. :slight_smile:

Also when you say buggy do you mean like this…

As a long time DnB fan this^ sounds way too slow :wink:

Any news OP? You got a preview of any new machines in that OS….?

Keep in mind that this might be a minor update that hasn’t been released for current owners because it only includes some tweaks to deal with small hardware changes in a new batch of the hardware. :slight_smile:

I just got my AR back from elektron support (a replacement unit). This new one also has the 1.02E firmware. Haven’t noticed anything different from the previous firmware tho.

I got one the other week which also had the ‘E’ firmware. No ring mod bass drum or anything different as far as I could see.

I flashed back to the latest OS on the Elektron site as I thought I was mis-reading it as ‘C’. Doesn’t seem to have made any difference in use.

As a long time DnB fan this^ sounds way too slow :wink:

Any news OP? You got a preview of any new machines in that OS….?
I knew the original before I got into jungle so personally prefer it at 33 than 45 :slight_smile: but certainly an inspirational piece of music that thanks to jungle/DB is still as relevant nearly 20 years on as you rightly point out. :+1:

Ahh Bug in a Basebin, remember first hearing that on the Mowax ‘Headz’ box set I bought , blimey that takes me back lol

Be great to record retrigs , after touch and a cross fade on the loop point are my most wanted features after a week or so of use.

I just got a replacement unit as my first one was rebooting randomly for no reason. So glad I order from sweetwater as elektron wanted me to send my brand new machine to California so they could bench it. Sweetwater just replaced it outright. Anyways my new unit came with a different USB cable. It’s red and black and had a Velcro tie strap. The first one was a normal black USB cable. I was curious if this a new change.

When I power the unit up it flashes just 1.02. No letter. I rebooted it repeatedly to see what version is has. I wish they would implement an easier way to check firmware version.

My first unit seemed to show just 1.02 at first the. Later it started showing 1.02d. Strange.

I got mine recently and got the red and black fabric coated cable, so that’s what they must ship with now.

"Sweetwater just replaced it outright. "

Something to be said with the idea of “don’t fuck with the customer”…kudos Sweatwater!

I wouldn’t expect any substantial new features in a lettered update, I would only expect bug fixes and maybe some work flow changes.

You date yourself my good sir. but damn that was a great box set.

Indeed I do :slight_smile:
An a class diet with intelligent drum and bass and trip hop, living for the weekend, jumpers for goal posts :slight_smile:

Kinda hurts to think it’s been almost 20 years since Headz 2 was released. I was always particularly fond of the street mix of Bug in the bass bin it contained. Anyway - good to see there are more old f#rts on these forums :smiley:


same here,
red/black usb cable
not noticeable differences

I downgraded my OS also, took a E for a “B”, and installed “D”. What a jerk ! I made a ticket to Elektron, and they answered that there is no firmware differences between D and E : “The “E” version only affects the manufacturing process and makes no differences for the enduser so there is no need to worry” :wink:

Just got mine with the red cable and ‘E’. Here is a spoiler pic of the boot screen :wink:

Also, I just managed to freeze the Rytm, poking around in the sample folder while transferring samples to it. Is this a known ‘feature’ if the D firmware as well?