N00b takt tone combinin'

hi everyone. just wondering how you all like to combine your Digitakt and digitones. do you sequence the Digitone on the takt or vice versa or you just have them run independently and clock sync?

fun to be in the elektron world! :slight_smile:

I dont se why you should sequence a elektron box with another one, exactly the same sequencer. So using both will give you way more flexability.

Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

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Why not, can be handy some times

Il like to use the mutes of the midi tracks on the DT to mute my tracks on my DN or my MM

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Yeah that can be handy, but for changing the sequence on the fly and having more control over p-locks is very nice, improvising live for me that is very important.

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Welcome to the forum! I’m quite new to it myself.

I have DT as master and running into the inputs of the DN. DN out into mixer.

I use the sequencer on both but that’s just how I’m doing it currently.

I’m hoping to understand / learn program changes as that seems to unlock a lot more possibilities but that’s probably for a different thread!

Forgot to add that I have midi out from DT into MIDI In on DN.

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…which is clocking which makes no difference…
…but let both internal sequencers do their thing…the midi seq engines are ment for other external midi devices in first place…those which don’t call an internal sequencer their own…
and if u want to slimdown audio, the tone inputs are hosting takts outputs…
so takt can still be open to sample from various other and different sources…