Naming samples - lower case possible?


I can’t find anything about lower case in the manual regarding the naming screen. I see folders with lower case, so it is possible. Whenever I create a new folder or name a sample/sound it’s in CAPS.


All caps only, like that w/all Elektron machines…

Any idea about the logic behind this. Readability is less IMO with all caps.

If you use the crunch digitakt manager you can rename files and folders using lowercase. Not the same but maybe it’ll be helpful for you

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The Digitakt (and all Elektron gear, perhaps?) uses the Windows-1252 character set. Despite the name, this is now the most commonly used single-byte character encoding.

The character set has both upper case (ABC), and lower case (abc). It doesn’t have small caps (ABC)[1]. It is perhaps a little confusing as the font used on Elektron machines often has accented upper case characters drawn as small caps with very tiny accents.

The name editor on the machine only allows entry of upper case characters. The crunch/digitakt-manager software for Digitakt will let you rename samples with lower case letters (and most other things in Windows-1252).

[1]: Unicode has some small caps like letters: ᴀᴃᴄ but these are technicalyl phonetic transcription symbols.


This is really great stuff. I will definitely check it out. Thanks.