Namm 2016 Rumors

A very interesting analog polysynth from Korg the Minilogue:

Wonder if these guys are going to play with it?

Elektron will release a super special Jr. Detective decoder ring that allows official agents of Elektron to decode when their updates will actually be released based on when they say their updates will be released.


Any 606 expansion rumors for TR-8 floating about? Any??? (Before I drop a bunch of dosh on an Acidlab Drumatix)

And it’ll be released sometime by the end of the year.

I place all my bets on this

Sales guy at my local music shop said distributors have been strongly hinting at something new from yamaha in the worktation/digital synth/rompler department…

the last I heard on this was from the Roland rep at Knobcon. he indicated that there may not be enough sample memory on the TR-8 for the 606 sound set. the drumatix looks like fun.

Thank you Mr. PEQ!
Yea, I’m also digging the fact that the Drumatix has 160 more pattern memories than the TR-8.
I like the idea of partnering it with my A4, running the Kicks into one A4 EXT input and the mix of everything else into the other input with p-locked fx sends and pans.
Probably going to be my next buy.

What do you guys think how much the new Korg will cost if its polyphonic?

Looks and i am sure it will sound awesome!

Sorry for offtopic
@Adamjay the drumatix pairs amazing with the A4, sending the BD to the left input and the rest of the mix to the right so you can delay the kicks, ect… Lots of fun & well worth the price (compared to used 606 prices its a bargain.) Not to mention the hats & cym cover the ground AR cymbal synthesis currently does not. The trigger buttons feel a little cheap though, and are shallow so dont always register like you think they would. I wouldn’t want to build patterns live on it but the sound is something else.

Word on the web is four-voice polyphonic, ~$500 US. It looks fully spec’d out, too, again, from the rumors floating around (so, grain of salt). Volca-style sequencer with mod sequencing; arpeggiator; digital delay and reverb; a bunch of different voice configurations (some speculation, that I think it maybe too optimistic, that it might be multitimbral); sync; wave-shaping on all wave types; oscilloscope. One of the photos I saw had a knob labeled for a high pass filter, but based on the placement, I’m thinking it’s part of the effects section control. We’ll have to wait and see if any or all of that is true.

Also, Korg is maybe releasing an ARP 2600 reproduction.

Also, Akai is bringing back the AX synth it seems like. And also Waldorf may have a vocoder in that same Rocket-esque package, or maybe it (and possibly the tape synthesizer–but my fingers are super-crossed that the Kassetenspieler is real) are just bogus. NAMM rumors is a fun time of year!

I really like the Volca Keys, I like that it’s kinda lo-fi/old sounding. If the new korg Poly is like that but pimped out (+ it has user presets and sequencer memory/arpeggio alresdy mentioned) then it could be pretty sweet… Interested to see the modulation/routing/filter options, hopefully they’re pretty not too limited…

the last I heard on this was from the Roland rep at Knobcon. he indicated that there may not be enough sample memory on the TR-8 for the 606 sound set. the drumatix looks like fun.[/quote]
We are expecting modelling for the simple sounds of the 606, or did the roland rep give the ACB secret way?? Oops.

Bit saddened about no more sounds for the TR-8, but the MachineDrum is your go to for analog drums emulation.

Better view of the Kassettenspieler:

I’ve read Yamaha is gonna bring out a remake of the CS-80… the CS-8 !!! Wich has allways been my N01 DREAMSYNTH…bu out of reach :sob:
I’m very interested what Arturia brings out
I’m so happy with this analog-synth-revivel !!! I’ve been waiting for 30 years for this to happen :slight_smile:

Wonder if the ‘mini’ in minilogue is a hint that there’s an expanded version in the works also?

The Montage, available in 61-, 76- , and 88-key configurations, features the Motion Control Synthesizer Engine, a powerful and intuitive way to interact with and control sound. The Motion Control Synthesizer Engine controls two iconic Sound Engines:

  1. Advanced Wave Memory 2 (AWM2) and FM-X. Compatible with previous generation Motif libraries, the AWM2 engine is exponentially more powerful than the previous Motif XF flagship with nearly ten times more wave memory, integrated flash, double the effects, and twice the polyphony.

  2. Joining the powerful AWM2 engine is FM-X. A sophisticated pure FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesizer engine is capable of producing classic ‘80s or cutting-edge EDM sound with excellent dynamic range, power, and fidelity.

The Montage also features a brand new user interface with color touch screen, endless rotary encoders and the Super Knob: a macro control allowing users to control multiple parameters simultaneously. “Montage is the culmination of over forty years of synthesizer legacy and innovation,” said Nate Tschetter, marketing manager, music production, Yamaha Corporation of America.