Need a bit help for connecting Octatrack to my software

Hey guys, really new here
Wondering what cables i need to going to buy to contact my octatrack to Ableton or Logic Pro. I have Audio 8 DJ sound card interface.

might be one of this :

or I need just 5 Pin din Male Plug to Twin male RCA

thanks in advance

[li]The 532 would fit as it is.[/li]
[li]The 361 would fit with a couple of normal MIDI cables (5 pin DIN male <> 5 pin DIN male).[/li]
[li]5 pin DIN male plug <> Twin male RCA??? (Never seen this type of cable).[/li]

Regarding the last one above, I´m guessing that it supposedly fit your Audio 8 DJ sound card? However, you do know that there is no audio sent thru the MIDI ports of the Octatrack?

So such cable won´t benefit you unless your Audio 8 DJ sound card has RCA connectors as ‘MIDI ports’ (I´m failing to see how that would work at all)?

So to be fully clear:

If you just want to get audio into your software, using your Audio 8 (given that it has line input RCA connectors). A normal dual 1/4" phono <> dual RCA cable would fit.

hey thank you for the quick response :slight_smile:

Regarding to the last one (cable) I was meant that one

is it work?

Also I didn’t know about that there is no audio sent thru the MIDI of OT :confused:

My card has only Mic entrance, all others are normal RCA’s 8 IN/8OUT ports.

The thing what i want to do as well is to record on the software that what i did on OT as rhythm and continue working on the same project to Logic Pro or Ableton and finish as track. Basically wanna add OT to my production set up.

Appreciate your help, thank you

As Mike said, you need something like this to send audio from the OTC jacks to the Sound card.
Alternatively, you can try to export the audio for shorter tracks or stems by capturing them separately within the OT itself.
Say e.g. you had a loop that was being treated by the OT , you could ‘capture’ the effected audio in a recorder buffer and save that to Compact Flash - then mount the OT on your computer and transfer the file using drag and drop.
This may be tricky for longer tracks or songs as there’s limited internal memory available - if you want to capture a full longish arrangement then it may make more sense to get something like those cables I linked and use your computer
you do not need anything with a circular 5 pin DIN connector like MIDI … unless you want to use your computer and OT together by exchanging tempo or control info - it won’t ever be audio in your context. If you needed to do this, I’m sure your soundcard has DIN MIDI out and then you only need a MIDI cable, but it sounds unlikely that’s what you require initially anyway
the two products you linked to are of no benefit to you at all - you essentially have the functionality those offer within your sound card already

Thank you for this fully answer, I really appreciate it much, now getting more into it with the cables stuff.
According to what you wrote me - I won’t going to export long arrangements to use on my software - will be just a loop of 15 sec or 30 sec, then I transfer and work on my software with different stuff as sends and some plugins.
So my point is when I want to export the project by OT itselfs

what I did is :

[FUNCTION] + [PROJECT] then in the menu choose “Collect Sample”

is this the way to do !! Am I export with the all parameters that I set up into the sampler after that. When I tried out in my Compact Flash the separate sounds (tracks) wasn’t with same length .!

Is it the right way and is there other way !?

thanks in advance

i think you’d best start another thread to get more help specific to that side of the OT and best practice to achieve what you’d want …
Collect sample is a method to make a project future proof by ensuring that all used samples are stored within the project (as opposed to common library)
if you want to capture short samples then you might want to look into flex recording - recording is possible on all 8 tracks at the same time the 8 tracks are playing unrelated content - so there’s a lot of flexibility to explore, best get familiar with the basics and watch some tutorials or browse the forum (use google search)