Need a nice keyboard

The one with QWERTY, not with notes
Any good ones with nice clicky feedback? I prefer a sober, white/grey/beige kind if thing. No backlightning or other x-mas tree bullshit. It has to be a mechanical one. With a CMD key both left and right of the spacebar. 13 f-keys. Numeric keypad on the right side. Also page up-down etc for Renoise. I use Logic 9 and Renoise.
I prefer a wired USB keyboard over wireless bluetooth. I’ve been looking around and all of the nice ones are for Windows. Problem is that the Windows key is in the position where ALT/OPTION should be. It is layed out on OSX in this order: CTRL / OPTION / CMD.

I use a Ducky One 2 with Cherry brown switches. It has a white backlight but it can be turned off.

It’s quite minimalist and the keys feel nice. I had blanks on mine for a while but I preferred the feel of the stock keys.

I also switched the Windows and Alt keys to match the Mac layout. The Win/Alt/Fn key assignments can also be changed using DIP switches on the bottom, but at default it matches the Mac layout in terms of functionality, you jsut have to switch the keys around. The only drawback is pressing a key with a Windows logo instead of the Option key, but there are probably keycap sets out there that you can get to fix it aesthetically.

edit: it also has a variant with numpad. I should have got that one, but I have a standalone Bluetooth numpad for when I (rarely) need that functionality.


had just posted this in another thread… I made this for Renoise.
Red cherry mx switches, the brand is Leopold (check out what they have on, lot of good options)

Edit: I use this on both mac and windows


You did the colouring with transparent acrylic?

Edit: looks like they are shipped with that colouring. Nice!