Need help w/ factory reset A4mk2

So I recently purchased a “like new” A4 from an authorized online music store but in actuality it was a used return.

The item stated it was an open box but I guess that also falls under the category of returned item.

Well the box wasn’t in too good of shape but the unit itself seemed scratch-free and new looking.
It was definitely a return or maybe even a demo unit because the ware of the box.

So I noticed when I started it up there was no splash screen. Is there suppose to be a splash screen when first booting up?
Also there was only one beat on bank A-pattern 1, everything else was empty.
Is t there suppose to be demo songs on it from the factory?
Also there was no kits. Is there stock kits already made from the factory or is a kit something the user puts together?
I’m not too familiar with “kits” yet and how they work but was a little concerned that all the kit slots were empty.

So I’m assuming someone else dabbled a bit with the machine already and wanted to reset everything back to default just how it came shipped from the factory.
I don’t have a computer also at the moment so I can’t update it currently.

It might or might not be in the manual. Only skimmed through it but wanted to ask anyways to see if that might be a good idea to do first.

Have you done a factory reset?

Load the default project if you are not already there