Need info on transferring samples from soundpack to Rytm mkII

Can someone give me some basic steps on loading samples from Elektron’s sample packs into an AR2 via the Transfer app? I’ve read some info in the manual, but I’m still a bit foggy on it. Where do I find the samples when they’re initially transferred? Are they in the +Drive?

Also, how many (soundpack) samples can the AR2 hold?


Here you go, this shows the basics. Transfer app gives better help to drag drop entire folders but the rest is same same.


I’ll check that out. Thx a lot!

Anyone care to explain the file structure on the AR2? I’m trying to figure out where my imported samples (via Elektron Transfer app) from Elektron’s sound packs go once they’ve been transferred to the AR2.


They arrive in the folder “incoming”

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Thank you!

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If the transfer app works like it does for the Digitakt you can set the target root folder in the application before transferring samples. Set it to something like /expansions/ and the folder for the soundpack “808Stuff” will go there. That way you don’t have to copy and move files around on your AR.

How many sound banks they’d sell if this was convenient?