Need to ask a question for anyone with knowledge on ERM multiclock operation


I have been using ERM multiclock to sync outboard gear (synths, elektron, everything) via audio sync. Works perfect for this.

What I would like to know, for anyone experienced with this device, should the following scenario be possible (because I’m finding that it’s not working here):

  • sequence some midi in DAW
  • send that track to ERM ch# at the receiving ch# of the synth I want to trigger
  • have that signal pass transmit to midi output 2 (or 3, or 4)
  • trigger the synth?

In other words, USB midi to transmit to each output on erm (midi out 1, 2, 3, and 4).

What I experience is this only works for connections out of midi output 1 on the ERM. The otuputs 2, 3 and 4 do not transmit trigger data.

I’m confused by this outcome and wondering if my device is faulty.

(note: all channels set to ‘midi’ and all boxes in the midi mapper are checked for the USB column).

AFAIK, you need to activate the corresponding USB midi output ports in your DAW and use those (i.e. in your midi prefs, turn on track output for ERM multiclock USB ports 1, and 2, and 3, etc). Now whichever multiclock port you send to in the DAW should be sent to the corresponding DIN output (ERM multiclock USB port 3 goes to physical DIN port 3, for example).

Yes, you can configure if and what midi channels are passed onto each port in the settings on the ERM. This information is well documented in the manual.

Edit: port remapping is also possible.

Are you sure? I’m sending midi out to ERM #7 as there is a receiving synth accepting ch 7, but it is connected to ERM DIN output 1. So the physical DIN output port and the channel transmitted to from DAW are unrelated? It’s in the midi mapper where you tell the ERM to transmit the USB signal to whichever channels have checked box in ‘USB’ column.

Yes, certain. Have you setup the midi mapper in the configuration page?

Ok. The whole problem with something being well documented in the manual is when it doesn’t work like that in real life.

I’m getting more and more convinced my unit is faulty, but it’s just such a strange problem to have it working as expected only at ERM physical midi DIN output 1, and not the rest (for triggering synth from signal over USB). I just don’t get it, so I thought I’m doing something wrong.
I may have to test it on another DAW just to be sure.

(btw my first reply was for Zac)

The Midi Mapper allows you to set the per channel destination.
So for example, in Ableton I am sending midi to my Octatrack on Port 2, with my 8 audio tracks on midi channels 1-8.
I then need to make sure that Midi channels are mapped 1-1, 2-2, 3-3 etc, and have the little black boxed blacked out for all of these channels on port 2.

“Are you sure? I’m sending midi out to ERM #7”.

I only have ports 1-4 available. Are you saying that you have more ports available?
If so, have you plugged the device into a number of different USB ports and inadvertently installed another instance?
Another potential issue I have encountered can arise from the use of unpowered usb hubs - I can’t recall if this is the case for the ERM but it has happened in the past where some usb midi devices do not behave as expected.

Ok I think I’m getting somewhere.

The device is not faulty I don’t think.

I just opened Ableton Live and saw what you and @Zac_Kyoti are talking about with regards to the visible ports. I can see ERM port 1, 2, 3 and 4.

(I was speaking about ERM#7 being sending out to ERM on Ch7, not port).

So, indeed, it is my error 100% because I only had the main ERM multiclock device Activated in Reaper (since my device list is very long and was not alphabetically sorted).

Sorry guys. But you both helped me figure this one out. Thank you!

I will activate the other ERM ‘devices’ (for ports 2,3,4) now.


No worries, good to hear.

On another note I have been using the Soundbremmer app to sync via Link from my iPhone’s audio output. This is something that was developed more recently and is not covered in the manual as far as I recall. Pretty handy at times.

Thanks for the tip! I read some article about that link-up somewhere recently.