New Eucci album, lots of Elektron (MD, A4, OT, Digitone, Heat)

A new album… a bit hard to describe the sound. Some ritual inspires beats. Some unleashed rhythmic A4+Friends mayhem. Some Streichfett drones over field recordings. Lots of Elektron on this one, often put to still-unusual uses. No Monomachine though. I was trying to spend time with my other children.

Track breakdown:

  1. The Saturnal Combustion - Semi straightforward. Just Machinedrum, Analog Heat, and Digitone. Song mode on Machinedrum used to keep it and Digitone patterns in (relative) sync. Making this in the fall of last year was when I really fell in love with the sound of the Digitone.

  2. The Emptychost - This one is the most complex but its foundations (heard in the first part) were Machinedrum sequencing-and-processing experiments with 0-Coast and Waldorf Streichfett, with the MD playing them and adding its own effects to them. There were drums here too but the track worked much better when they were taken out, so it’s more of a drone/musique concret piece. Also featuring field recordings of the mississippi river in Burlington Iowa (river and rail activity), ambiences written on an iPhone while sitting at a local brewery, real-time time stretch, etc.

  3. The Tinma Nenvi - This one is Analog 4 using internal and external oscillators (where A4 is still applying filters, envelopes, etc). External oscillators used include Bastl Kastle 1.5, Make Noise Telharmonic, Pittsburgh Modular Generator+Expander. Basically two parts, recorded straight out of the A4.

  4. The Sppcity Tango Octatrack (with drums from sampled machinedrum loops) and Analog 4.