New Improvised 1 Hour Techno Live Set

Just recorded a new fully improvised techno live set using the Elektron Dark Trinity, as well as some other stuff like a TB-303, Bass Station 2, Volca Bass, etc.

If you have any feedback I would appreciate it very much, there are pretty much no people I listen to more than the people on this forum. Thanks a lot!

The first 10min is so good, straight forward techno!
Love it!

Really like it, you improved a lot, last 6 month…
Good tention span, i really like the spacy sounds in the back…

But; did you start with songs, or just with sounds and empty sequencer?

Good stuff! :+1:

I’m hearing it while working. Nice jam. And nice warning and explanation why no tracklist. I’ll coment more later when I finish it.

After hearing it a couple of times, I can say: Pretty hypnotic :slight_smile: specially around min 44. I liked it a lot. If I had to critize something I would say I miss a bit of melodic material.

Thank you very much!
I never have any saved patterns, I like to improvise the sequences on the fly.
Apart from the TB-303 of course, since it has no MIDI.