New job for the OT

I need new ideas for using my OT. After i bought the AR, i hardly use my OT. Of course i could use it for midi-sequencing my other gear, but thats a very rare case at the moment and i’m not going to sell it. The AR is giving me quite alot input in terms of sound and in combination with the A4. I fear that the OT becomes a shadow-existence.

So please give me some hints/ideas for a proper use.

Thank you all

You could sample your goldfish, mangle the audio and make the other fish in the bowl think it’s a cat.

well: i use it as a looper for recording anything from voice, other synths, bass, guitar.

another use is definitely to play stems: you can take some of your old tracks and upload parts of it as 2 minute long loops to the OT. On top of that basis you can play live or produce new beats… its always interesting what comes out.

further more. if you sample cool beat elements from the AR, upload or sample them to the OT and then play on top with another setting… means you have 2-3 A4 or AR :-)) also a huge enhancement.

and all perfectly in time and you mangle it with the audio effects…

also: use the OT as a mixer for AR and A4… use thru-machines to add cooler delay or reverb to different parts.

so far… i think you are right to keep it :-))

I know what you are talking about. After my AR took over the drum part, my OT suffered some unemployment as a sound generator.

I use it as a center of my Dark Trinity. One Track for AR, one for AK, and one as a master track. The other five tracks are used for special tasks - sometimes - like FX sounds, polyphonic synth samples/loops, remix like performances etc…

The OT can fire all samples from the sample slots of a project or be played chromatic in a live performance.

You can use the OT as a loop-station (pickup machine), filter bank, multi-FX processor too.

You can use OT for sounds that are hard to recreate on AR/A4 like granular, FM, vocals and field recordings.

One and done. :heart:

How can you not needing the OT anymore be a problem? Just sell it and focus on the stuff you have. You own the OT, not the other way around.

Pretty cat :slight_smile:

@OP :

  • make a track out of it (alone).
  • put it in a closet
  • share it to a friend for a while
    => Once you feel you miss it you know it’s time to get back to it :smiley:
  • sell it.

what were you using it for previously?

YouTube/ + a free evening + OT = a ton of fresh samples =??? = :slight_smile:
Seems like A4 + AR would have most people pretty covered for synth + beats. If you aren’t really a samples guy, or AR’s sampling functions are enough for what you need, then maybe just sell the OT?

Edit - To me that’s the fun of the OT. Connecting it to a samples source and just being led blind. Not sure id enjoy/use it anywhere near as much if OT was the last piece of the puzzle on a song. For me personally it’s more of a random direction generator. Which I put AK/guitar/whatever on top of after. Don’t think I’ve used it once yet to add tracks to an idea started on another instrument/computer. But guess that could work too. I should probably try it :wink:

I just got the OT a month ago and I love it. I’ve tried making OT only tunes which I’ve moderately succeeded at. I’ve sampled with it - OK it does a great job with that.

Now I’ll share what I’ve gotten the most use out of with the A4 + RYTM + Monomachine …

  • I run everything into the OT now so it’s my mixer (I piggyback the Mono on the A4 ext ins)
  • I use the OT as the master sync and I keep track 8 as master and track 7 as a flex machine with a dynamic recording buffer on all parts on every pattern.
  • I can use scenes to spice up my current works
  • I can arm the record track any time to record the currently playing pattern and then use a scene I created that xfades between whats currently playing to the recorded loop … nice ! I’m a dj of my own songs. (Thanks Tarekith!)

Now most importantly - I can record my tracks and jams without the use of my laptop! I keep the buffer for track 7 setup as dynamic recorder so it can go up to the length of my empty flex memory. 5-7min Jam ? No prob … I can record what I’m working on any time I arm the track.

This is my next OT adventure - exploring Mark Mosher’s Swarmatron thing:

I did not expect so much replies. Thank you all!

First - i’m not going to sell my OT because i have an emotional relationship to this machine. It was my first Elektron and in the pre-AR-time it served me well as drum-machine and other stuff.

What i figured out for a proper use are prerecorded pads from my Blofeld and other strange sounds i’ve made.

Maybe as an ambient-machine routed thru my Strymon BigSky.

As a mixer? Yes… i have to check this out … but soundwise

Somehow it took me about two weeks to realize that you can do this and record it in realtime. But when it finally sank in, my mind was officially blown. I had always assumed that the OT couldn’t replace a Roland SP-type sampler for ease of use when it comes to harvesting lots of phrases and jamming them out in realtime. But sure enough, it can do that too, and with much more flexibility and editability.
She truly is the girl of my dreams. <3

I (somewhat regretfully) flipped my OT for an AK about a month ago in the wake of Push 2/Live Suite, but before I did so I was exploring ways to utilize it differently. While maybe a small and obvious thing, I really enjoyed using the OT to sequence VSTs/Reaktor 6 and to sample and mangle the output in realtime, and record that into my DAW. Kind of the best of both worlds as you get the unlimited sound design capabilities of software with the realtime control of the OT. Set up a bunch of thru/neighbor/flex tracks and scenes with track 8 as master (for the delay control) and use the OT for resampling and you can do some ridiculous things.

im surprised no one has mentioned using it as a live fx machine - that seems to be one of the most powerful aspects of the OT

routing audio into some THRU tracks, setting up scenes and using the crossfader and buttons to switch between them in realtime, you can get some really excellent sounds

and you can sequence all of that as well

thats probably my favorite thing it can do in terms of live performance… having all the scenes and using that very precise crossfader to work with them

My experience is from the point of view of the Monomachine + OT, but i assume the same would apply. I have the MM as my master clock + send program change, so the patterns numbers on the OT match the patterns on the MM. I use it for sampled drums/percussion, i have it as a multi effects, I have a track that can rec quantised to the length of 4 bars, that i can switch to and mangle. I have the master with the freeze delay for stutter effects. I also like setting up chained movie samples for triggering whenever i feel like it. The best thing is that with the program change following the MM the 8 banks (restriction on the MM) + 4 parts give a pretty huge scope of configurations all tightly linked to the needs of the running pattern. Plus from the OT in this way, i can put an additional synth on the midi out for even more voices.

Another possibility is rather than sending program change, you can have them running independently, and you can then change the loops on one while having the other running constantly, giving you more scope for evolving patterns.

Sample wise, I really love the sound of pitch shifted chords and pads, but I am a bit of a sucker of that old jungle sound.