New Make Noise Module? [QPAS]

Make Noise announced a new module. They’ll be presenting it next week:

Anyone who knows more aside from it being a stereo audio processing module? Can’t wait :crazy_face::robot::cactus::zap:

make noise will anounce a new module tomorow evening.

I hope this wont be a striped down version of the morphagene :kissing_closed_eyes:

so what do you think it is?

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A modular FX skiff is looking more and more attractive.


I knew they’d be bringing the gas


At 6:04 Tony processes a loop from the Morphagene and I’m just like “…yeah. Ok.”

It’d be sick if they did a semimodular FX box similar in vein to to the 0Coast: just the essentials of their best FX modules.


Yeah, I agree that part didn’t wow me. But everything before sounded dope, I really dig that liquidy sound. This thing can turn any vco into a kinda-softpop

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Oh I was saying I loved it :laughing:

But anyway yeah very versatile.


My mistake haha. Can’t wait to see more examples as this week goes on

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I can see myself getting sucked in to the modular thing hearing demos like this. Really like the sound of it.

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The filter sounds a lot like the Rare Waves Grendel Grenadier RA-9 monosynth.

Very nice juicy sounding filter(s)

this is the most interesting new toy from namm Ive heard so far (the volca drum being second). the uad software moog filter also had some nice stereo effects, but none of these. I just need to dig a 18 hp hole in my rig or just start a new row. I like companies who try something new instead of stripping down old concepts :yum:

id like to hear non modular audio going into this. good sounding filter!


This is an absolutely positively brilliant little module… I cant wait to get my hands on it. From demos it sounds awesome and seems really versatile.

I really enjoy this new release!
I wish they could of put some kind of optical characteristic in it like vactrols , but it would be pretty much impossible for bulk production. But hey , seems to sound great without them!

This looks cool. Good thing it needs a modular case so I don’t have to even think about :slight_smile:

my review:

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