New Mindmap "Octatrack Trigs 411" summary

All the trig options in the sequencer can be a bit confusing so I decided to create a mindmap cheat sheet summarizing the modes.

Mark Mosher
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Many thanks, for a noob these sorts of resources are like golddust! So many times my Octatrack doesn’t do what I tell it only for me to realise that I haven’t been speaking the right language.

Yes, it is a great help for noobs. Thanks a lot for that ! :slight_smile: And the LFO destinations is great also !

Your welcome :^)

Will use, thanks for putting that together. Noob here and this is just type of stuff that makes OT tricky

Made some OT tutorials too, would it be handy to include them on the map?

Add your vids to the map :^) Nice work!

Great work, guys.

Oops. Had an error in the Trigless Trig branch. If you printed this map, print it one more time. Sorry about that.

Cheers :slight_smile:

After looking at this I can quickly tell that I haven’t been using enough trigless trigs or trigless locks. :slight_smile:

I also notice a couple [ENTER/NO]'s in there. Should they be [EXIT/NO] ?

Fixed. Thanks for the note on this.

After drawing this up, I felt the same way.

After drawing this up, I felt the same way. [/quote]
Me too. Yet another aspect of the OT I need to delve deeper into. Just when you think you’re getting to know theOT reasonably well another door opens up… :slight_smile:

Hello Mark !!!

Great work…… but could you tell me how I can print it out ?


Guy Aka Cerbere