New project, THRU machine, knobs won't set INAB INCD

Yesterday, we created a new project. When we went to set THRU machines on any track, they get assigned created but the A and D knobs have no effect and the INAB and INCD boxes remain -

When we open existing projects we can adjust the INAB and INCD settings, no problem.

I created a second new project and the THRU machines work fine there. I guess I’ll just delete the “bum” project but is this a thing that happens?

thank you!

It happens! Little gremlins

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i had to restart the machine! it would not play out any sounds (not from CUE or headphones or main outs). none of the projects. i had just turned it on!

after restarting it twice, all is normal.

would love to know if this is generalized or just specific to the unit I have which is still under warranty.

thank you to anyone who can share their experiences.

I’ve had weird issues that required a restart. I’ve had projects that had issues that were not repeatable in a new project.

If you haven’t had it long, I encourage you to feel good about your recent purchase and see if you can do an exchange.

However… it’s likely not a catastrophic issue. It’s intermittent from what you’ve said so far. If it persists, reseat, reformat (backup first!!), or maybe change the CF card. There can be issues reading from the card if it has problems, or is not seated properly.

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Thank you!

Possible overridden by scene setttings or lfo.

Thank you! I wish that were the case but it was, as mentioned, a brand new project. No settings whatsoever.

This appears to be a faulty machine (or software – like a bad Project??). Today when I booted it up not sound was coming out from CUE or MAINS until I moved the scene fader as a “dummy check”. That released the sound. This was a new project with nothing assigned to the scenes.

After I recorded and sliced a sample, all of the knobs were unresponsive for assigning PITCH, RATE, etc.

Oh well!

An update for anyone reading this with a related problem:

  1. the EASY answer is that I accidentally set “Project -> Midi -> Midi Settings -> Audio CC Out is set to [Ext]”
  1. the harder answer is that I did indeed have a new “problem” Project that had audio out issues. that was a one-off. this machine is a razor!
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