New Roland synths : Jupiter X / Boutique JU06a / Fantom

For the MC-707 it’s ZEN-Core.

(No shit, it’s on the Roland website :smiley: )


Anyone have the Australian price of Jupiter X and XM?

The xm looks very nice to me. Any info on how the drum stuff will work?

I am also interested in the Jupiter XM, but it seems as though there is a lack of sequencer, replaced by an arpeggiator with artificial intelligence? All they needed to do was put a basic chord step sequencer that can roll along with midi, or be advanced by a trigger. Simple, has worked for ages for jamming. Hell, it is even on the new JU-06A. Why put an SH-101 sound engine in something without something similar to it’s sequencer? There is no manual yet, and not much info, so I hope I am wrong about the lack of sequencer. The plus side is that you can use layer your sounds, which I think is going to sound pretty cool.

So 37 key and 61 key Jupiter are the same right ?

XM is $2429
X is $4500

Where did you get the term A-Core from?
MC-101, MC-707, Jupiter Xm and Jupiter X all have listed „Zen-Core“ under specs on the Roland website.

From sonic state


The more I look at the Jupiter XM, the more I think it is overpriced. $1499 US, for a synth that has mini keys, and is basically just a handful of Rolands cloud apps in in box just doesn’t seem worth it to me. I love the idea of getting these emulations in one box, But the price is just too much. Maybe later down the road if I could find one heavily discounted.


if they are at all…
whatever a core or zen core is, it‘s not clear if it has the same quality of emulation as the ACB. Fancy terms lol :sweat_smile:


I think it’s better but still in beta then the cloud service will have this emulation engine next year

why you think it‘s better?

Someone on posted in the comments of the Jupiter X and Jupiter Xm article that he had asked Roland and they told him ZEN-Core is not a more cpu efficient version of ACB, it’s actually a totally new develoment.


This explanation is also in one of the sonic state videos.

I think the main thing they’re pushing is that it’s not acb, otherwise why would existing customers want it.

It’s yet another authentic recreation of other boxes they’ve done ‘authentic’ recreations of
Another authentic update will come along in another year or two when sales of these boxes / devices have trailed off and people are only buying from 2nd hand market ( ie no revenue going to Roland )

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Idk why people are against these “authentic recreations”… They sound good! Do we really actually want Roland to just make another analog juno or jupiter? Why have them do that when they can fit all those sounds in one box?

There’s always behringer…

I was just trying to explain to someone on another forum why nobody is comparing the Jupiter Xm to certain newly announced wavetable synths.

The Jupiters are for people who want the Jupiter sound, or at least something that tries to recreate it - authentically or not. For these people, not just any polysynth will do. Ok, maybe some will compromise if you offer them a Deckard’s Dream, OB-6, or something just as nostalgic in focus.

The other synths are, well, not for the nostalgia lovers.

They look nice, and I’m sure they’re well built, but once again Roland is rehashing the same old tired digital shit and throwing a legacy (Juno/Jupiter) name on it. They need to split Roland into two divisions - digital and analog. Roland needs a new person at the helm IMO.

It’s both sad and funny that at one time Roland was the king of analog synths, but these days they trail far behind Behringer.

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I don’t mind authentic recreations , but it shows how bad the old ‘authentic’ versions were and reminds me how they fooled me previously .

I’m just more sceptical 2nd , 3rd time around.
Plugout , boutique and now another ‘accurate recreation’

I thought the JU06a was going to be analogue due to the A, like the filter or something.

None of this interests me at all. Not that I’m an analogue purist, but because it’s just not interesting and doesn’t sound as good as the synths it’s emulating. I’d rather buy non emulation synths that sound great and have their own thing going on than some failing imitation platform.

I’ve not heard a single modern product from Roland’s emulation type products that I was remotely taken by. And not through lack of wanting to be either. I think of it like cooking, I want the very best ingredients possible to make the best meal I can. The argument of ‘in the mix it’s the same’ doesn’t wash. If I want a solo bass going and it’s not 100% rocking then what’s the point?

I’m sure people will make good music with them though.

You really think the JU06a doesn’t sound like the original Junos?

Besides the whole 4-voice thing, which I’ll admit is silly and annoying…I’d rather just pay another 100 bucks for another two voices.

I had the JP08 for a bit and liked that thing a lot. Only reason I sold it was cause I got the Arturia V Collection and the JP08 was just being used as a sort of studio desktop synth anyway…I don’t even use the Arturia Jupiter V anymore either haha. I’d rather use Serum for everything.

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