New Teenage Engineering products coming to NAMM2017?

More pocket ops on the way? Or maybe the new OP videosynththingy is finally ready?

I interpreted their announcement as meaning that they had designed a new catalogue, not new products.


They ARE nice looking catalogs


Only these guys can make a teaser out of a new catalogue and make it newsworthy.


They’re like an art company that makes musical instruments

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I especially love their leftfield product demos like this one

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This one for real? This colour is not from the earlier POs so you are giving me hope :loopy:

I wonder what a cat would sound like…

Do we really need more PO’s…


No, this is from the Cats on Synthesizers in Space instagram page. Definitely a joke. It’s got all of the same symbols as the PO-14. :wink:


If sampler PO or poly/chord PO, then yes. If more chiptune stuff, then no :slight_smile:

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Probably not, but they’re soo cute! OTOH, the rhytm, sub and office are most useful for me, the others more or less gather dust. I think most of us have a few faves but find no real use for all of them.

Yeah, damn. I suspected something like that.

I use the original 3 all the time still. Factory most of all. I know the Arcade is everybody’s fave, but it got boring to me really quickly.

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I kinda feel the same way about arcade tbh. I liked it alot at first since you could do long chippy melodies, but now only use it occasionally.

Out of the original 3, factory is the one I use the least. I somehow have a hard time dialing in sounds that I like with that one.

I wish there was a way to backup/restore the patterns though. My PO usage usually relies heavily on the punch in fx, and I can never remember how to reproduce them exactly if I need to make room for a new pattern.

yeah pattern backup would be amazing! I have the same issue… I can never really reproduce a pattern. If I have one I don’t want to lose I end up recording it into Ableton. As you probably do too, I might have 3 or 4 different effects punched in in tiny amounts in my pattern. Impossible to replicate!

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Spotty bell-end in a wine glass? God knows…

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What’s this from?

People were asking for a sampler PO. The mic might indicate that. Dunno what those socket kind of things around the box are/signify? If anything.

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