New to Elektron - HELP

Hello Elektronauts! I’m new to the forum and new to DAWless completely. I’ve always enjoyed instrumental and electronic music but have never tried to play these forms of music. I picked up a new ARmk2 when it first released. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I just received my new A4mk2. Though, I need help with something…

Now, forgive my ignorance on the matter, but how do these units work together? More importantly, what cables do I need for these units and where will these cables be ran? Also, how does the Left and Right out work? I’ve only used 1 out to a monitor or my headphones.

For those of you who are gracious enough (and patient enough) to help, breaking things down Barney-style would be helpful :rofl:

Thanks for any input given!


You need a pair of 1/4" cables and connect the main out of your A4 to the ext in of your AR and also a midi (DIN) cable connected from midi out the AR to midi in on the A4 for sending tempo, transport control and program changes. You can of course plug this the other way around if you prefer the A4 to be “the master” (which was the preferred way in the mk1s iirc), but this allows you to sample the A4 in the AR.

Check chapter 16 in the AR manual.

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Outstanding! Thanks for the help.

Now, how do I hear what I’m producing? Do I run everything to a monitor? Will I still be able to use headphones?

Again, forgive my ignorance. The learning curve is steep, being that this is my first experience with this type of equipment.

I would run both units into the daw and then the main outs form your interface to your monitors. Just b/c u use a daw to record doesnt mean you have to be in the box…

I would actually let the AR be master. The reason for this (once you dig far enough) is that you can have the Perf mode pads of the AR control the Perf Mode knobs on the a4. Makes staying in front of one box super easy and a bit expressive i might add.

If you connect the out from one of the machines to the in of the other you should be able to hear both in your headphones or on your monitor depending on how you set up your boxes.
Or you can plug them both into your daw as @phesago said or use a mixer.
The manual is your friend in either case.

Gotcha! Thank you all for your help! Nice to see a community actually help rather than critique and ridicule.

I’m going to give this a go. If I run in to any obstacles, I’ll be sure to ask for more help.

And keep the info rolling in! Any help offered up is much appreciated indeed.

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Indeed! Thank you for pointing this out.

This community tends to be a lot more helpful than most online forums.

I would consider a small mixer in this case. Both machines l/r into the mixer and you can output then your mixer to headphones, monitors, or daw to hear what you are doing.

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Thanks! Any suggestion(s) on mixers (brands, types, etc)?

No need for a mixer… I got it to work using 1/4" cables. The A4mk2 L&R Main Out to the ARmk2 L&R Ext In. Though, it seems by doing this that the A4 has less of an audio presence and the AR has a pronounced presence over the A4. I should note that the Audio In option on the AR did not produce sound from the A4

Now that I’ve straightened this out, I’ll be figuring out midi. Don’t worry, I’m reading the manual first :wink:

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