New Tune On The Tube


I made a video for a new track I´m putting out with my band Suzies Ashes. The track feat. Octatrack, OP 1 and a lot of Moog Sub 37/ Moog Rogue.

Hope you like it


I love this! A style of music that I enjoy listening to, and in my opinion it is extremely well done. The video is great as well. Thanks for posting it.

Very nice - I like especially the vocals!

Thanks guys, we´re really proud of this as well. It´s gonna be our first single of an EP coming out in the fall and we really need to make some noise on the web to be heard at all.

It´s my first try at a video and happy that you like it, its edit and cut by ear cause I´m currently stuck on an Imovie9 program. Hope that I get another program in the future, would be much easyer.

YEah, the vocal sits nicely! Thanks

So please feel free to write a comment on the Tube if you have the time, much appreciated!


great stuff! reminds me of Fluke / 2bit Pie / Syntax, while still having its own soul :+1:
would buy the album if there is one!

@Random Dude
Thanks for the support. We´re making a vinyl EP that´s gonna come out later this year. I´ll post again when more tracks are ready for online download and when we have the distribution for vinyl sale set up.