Newbie questions about recording into a DAW

Sorry if this a stupid question (I know very little about working with hardware) but can someone tell me what exactly I need to get the sounds from my AR into Live or another DAW?

Do I need an 8 In audio interface? (1 In for each track)? Then you can mix each track in the box? (or do we need overbridge for that?)

midi cables ? (if so, what are they actually called, if a certain type is required?)

Can you trigger patterns from within Live itself?

Basically, can anyone recommend a good basic/starter setup to get sound from the AR into a 8 tracks on the computer?

You could track each track individually (you probably want the mutual cut-off stuff like hi-hats together).

Taking individual outputs into an 8-in interface would also work, but would obviously cost.

…or you could wait a few months for Overbridge, which should let you use Rtym as a VSTi - similar to Virus Ti.

You don’t have to use MIDI since the device can use MIDI over USB. My experience with timing when using MIDI over USB isn’t great though. I prefer to use my PCIe based RME Multiface units’ MIDI ports, where the timing is surprisingly good.

You have the option of triggering sounds from your DAW or using the Rytm’s on-board sequencer. Potentially a combination of the two if you really want.

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To expand on this a little, you could record each track separately (or a pair of tracks) by muting the other tracks. For instance, if you want to record the kick and snare at the same time, you could run those two tracks into your 2-input audio interface (which is what I have). Then, you could record the other individual tracks, or pairs of tracks, until you have them all recorded.

I’m not an expert on using a DAW (I record into Ableton), but in my experience, things can get a little tricky on the DAW once you try to put everything together. You may find that the loops of each track aren’t perfectly synced, so you may have to nudge the loop a little bit forward or backward to get them perfect.

At least that’s what happened to me when I was recording invidual drum tracks from my Analog Four. But again, maybe if I knew more about how to use Ableton (or the A4, for that matter), it wouldn’t have happened.

Overbridge, when it arrives, should solve this problem since you can record all tracks simultaneously.

Cheers guys.

I actually think I’m going to wait for overbridge and see what that brings to the table - still plenty to learn and explore in the AR itself yet!

Thanks for this answer, what do you mean by : triggering sounds from your DAW using the on-board sequencer?

I struggle with finding a good workflow. What I do now is sync the clock of the RYTM (as slave) to logic. When I hit record in my DAW the sequencer of the rytm starts running. This works.

Ideally, It would record the audio but also the midi pattern for easy editing from my DAW at a later stage. This would also allow me to drum in some fills (as midi sequences using my electronic drum kit) and incorporate them in my RYTM sequences.

I really don’t understand why such an elaborate / expensive workhorse of a machine doesn’t record midi patterns. It a shame really. Sometimes I wonder if I shouldnt just go back to good ol’ EXS24 in logic loaded with the same samples.

I mean - sending MIDI note on/off events from the DAW’s sequencer, rather than using the sequencer on-board the box. In effect, treating the box as an external MIDI module.

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Hey guys,

I got few days ago my AR2 and the Support told me Overbridge is still not working for this Device. So my Question is how do you connect your AR2 with your DAW? Just Audio Recording or do you use Midi?

Peace :slight_smile:

You can Record with an Audio Interface into the DAW.

I use my Presonus AR16 USB Mixer for this. Clock comes over USB, from AR to the DAW.

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