Newbie questions re Audio Setup

Hi All -

I’m new to music production, and I’m trying to figure out a set-up once my OT arrives.

I have a Focusrite Scarlett Solo, and I have Ableton Live 10 Lite on my PC. Can I connect (2) quarter inch cables from my Focusrite’s outputs into the OT’s inputs A + B so I can sample from my DAW? Will this also allow me to sample from the two inputs (microphone, guitar)?

I also have a guitar, and a Super Chorus pedal with (2) outputs. Can I plug the pedal’s outputs straight in to the OT’s input’s C + D for sampling?


Yeah you can do all of those things, sampling can
Be handled in a few ways, and you could take a stereo out and sample into a flex track. You could also prepare the sample before in Ableton and then connect the OT using usb device mode, and create folders and import your ready made samples/sample packs or whatever you like,
I usually prefer to organise folders on the flash card and drag and drop everything, I also make a lot of sample chains for slicing once imported into the OT.

Obviously your work flow will be different to mine, but having either a stereo pair or individual mono tracks coming through, you can set up which inputs are doing what.

Also if you wanted to, you can just plug you guitar in via your fx pedal to do looping for example, you could also just plug your guitar directly into one of the 4 individual tracks (ABCD) or two stereo pairs (A+B C+D) which ever configuration is appropriate. You should defo read the manual and the myriad guides/YouTube videos or search the forum if you get stuck, ultimately that’s what this forum is for :slight_smile:

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Will do, thanks for the reply!

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