Newbie w/ recording questions

Not sure what I am doing. . .

Sometimes I record something, then go to place a red trig on beat 1 and that then starts to record over what I just recorded. I then hit the trig off and the audio is recorded in relationship to the length time. What is going on? How do I choose for this to happen or not to happen? If I record something I need to place a trig, right? Is there a source that explains this and if it is in the manual where is it?

Sorry to be newbie and I am honestly grateful for any help.

Hello, probably best to watch some tutorials on YouTube. Cuckoo is infamous for providing excellent hands-on tutorials with the Octatrack but there are several informative videos if you search. They’ll teach you the basics of sampling and how to use one-shot trigs (func + trig button) or pressing the record button and track number to immediately instigate recording.

Just practice several times with the different methods and you’ll get it in no time!


Useful chapter with all you need.