Nintendo Labo

Yes, please. I would like to see what kind of musical instruments can be made with this. There’s nothing stopping them from making a capable synth or drum machine even if it is targeted toward the young.


:smile: this is about the most Nintendo thing imaginable!!!

I like it!

Part of me is like what is this and why.

Part of me wants a cardboard piano.

Cardboard DIY stuff = irresistible
Completely unexpected, love what Nintendo is up to with the Switch. The most joyful gaming device in a long time, in my opinion.

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it’s 2018.

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Agreed. I have spent an utter fortune on games for my Switch. Even bought a second one in the household for my youngest’s Xmas there. And with all the £££’s spent on games (Think I’m up to 12 physical games and about another 20 digital… that’s ridiculous) I spend most of my time lost in Golf Story haha!

Genuinely does hark back to my old SNES/N64 days during the 90s in terms of how much I love the thing.

So, when I see a cardboard piano I’m simply thinking where do I sign up. Also worth pointing out the smiles on my kids faces when I showed them the launch trailers - pure “wow” moment for a 6 & 8 year old.

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this is fantastic

What the hell IS that? And how does it work?

They’d probably just have Detune do it for them, just as Detune has done for them in the past (M01D, DS-10, DS-10 Plus).

Latest Detune project:

Official US site - though not much of substance yet:

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