No longer Midi Notes between 6/3 and Inf possible?

I was quite shocked yesterday, when i tried the first time to set a two bar long midi note in my 64step sequence .
Do i missed something, or is it not possible to set longer midi events than 1 bar + 2 more 16th ?
Even in live rec mode, when i tried to record a two Bar long note, the octa p-locked the note length to Inf.
Are there any workarounds ?
I tried to send a all notes off midi cc message after two Bars, to my Virus ti Snow, but that was not working properly. The Note dont stops playing until the pattern starts the next loop .

ok try something…
set your note to “inf” and put a note afterwards and set its length to “0”…that should cut the note before.

thanx for reply,

but it think that will cut the release phase of the note before !

and when you got some note off evolving fx programmed i think that will not work proper

You might be trying to play a sound that doesn’t last any longer than that.
I just set up a two bar pattern on the octatrack and sent midi out to a vst. I set the note length to INF and I had my note playing for the whole 2 bar loop. I dropped a trig halfway through bar two with VEL p-locked to 0 and it stopped the note.
You are right, it will stop the decay of the note.
I tried putting a trigless lock on that step to change the length of the ‘fade out’/decay but it didn’t seem to work.

I´m back at home and dropped a VEl p-locked trig to 0 after the INF length note. That works fine, i was wrong, the release phase and the note off modulations are still there !

But, by the way i´m a bit confused about the note length settings off 6/3.
My music theory is even below my english grammar, but shouldn’t that be two bars, instead 1 bar and ( I’m not sure about) five 16th as the OT is playing ?

that 6:3 has something to do with the 128 step range…

6 -> 1/16th… 12 -> 1/8th…96-> 1bar…120 -> 11/8…126 -> 6:3 or 21x 16th steps… each “6” is a 16th while each 8 is triplet…or?

You can do either VEL p-lock to OFF (basically a manual note-off event), or LEN p-lock to 0 to trigger the release phase. A bit vapid as far as workflows go, but it works. You may have noticed - another dud is the poly triggering (no adding of notes during notes). I try to think of the MIDI sequencer as an event machinegun (which it does well) rather than as a performance capturer. Fewer palmface moments that way.

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That sucks !

So you have to trigger the poly adds over different midi tracks ( same midi channel ) ?

We really need an Update !

I dont wanna go back to my DAW !

So you have to trigger the poly adds over different midi tracks ( same midi channel ) ?

Right. That’s the best workaround, imo. And, I mean, the poly trigs do work, it’s just when you want certain notes to sustain across phrases.

Once you start layering custom-made arps, gunslinging CC p-locks and warm up those midi LFOs (you may have already), you’ll hopefully feel duly compensated for some of the clunkiness.

Regardless, I feel your pain.

P.S The way the Elektron trig system works polyphonically is an unfortunate spinoff from their sequencing model. I hope I’m not seeming too skeptic saying that I think a simple ka-ching update is unlikely. Hopefully I’m wrong.