No sound with Digitakt in Ableton

Hello to all, i first tried to get help trough the other topics with Digitakt but sorry I was not able to solve this issue.

I am trying to use the DT in Ableton (already using the AK and it is working correctly with this one) and there is no sound. I am using a MIDI track (as external instrument) and also an audio one. I can see a really small signal in the bars but nothing that you can hear :-/

Can you please help?
thank you.

You have the DT plugged into your interface using the master outs?

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Hi Ryan, I am using the USB directly to the computer (sorry if I do something wrong but to be honest, i am not really good with all that stuff, the only thing I would like is creating but with hardwares now :slight_smile: - not with the softwares only :wink: Thank you

Overbridge (USB Audio) isn’t currently supported by the DT. The 2.0 Beta is being tested now, hopefully we’ll have full support in a few weeks.

Right now, you have to use the audio outs in order to track.


Ok so I guess it is better to be patient :slight_smile: thank you! Actually, i have many patterns created with the AK and you are limited with Drums with it and when using the DT live is not really sync when playing from one pattern to another one! so either, i change all the structure, or I use the DAW to loop and sync good Drums vibes ^^ I’ll wait for the Overbridge then! thank you! have a nice evening!

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You could always connect the DT’s main outputs into the AK’s inputs and record into the DAW that way.


The DT not staying in sync with other elektron instruments is an issue that should have been fixed a few firmware updates ago. Are you on the latest firmware?

I don t know. How can I check it please? Tx

When you power on the DT, you’ll see a number in the lower right hand corner of the screen during start up. If you’re up-to-date, it will read 1.10.

If it’s a lower number (1.0X) and you want to update, just go to and click on “support” at the top of the screen. Then, select Digitakt, and the latest OS will be available to download. Instructions to update are included in a pdf file in the download.

It’s fairly straightforward. Good luck and I hope this fixes your sync issues!

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Wouaw i am on 1.04 :thinking:
I Will do the update. Thank you very much

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