No way to simply "double" the pattern?

Say you make something cool that’s 32 steps long. But you want it 64 steps, and have the first 32 steps simply duplicated to steps 33-64. No easy way to do this, eh?

I mean I know I can change patterns manually, or do pattern-chaining by duplicating the Pattern I want extended (say it’s Pattern 1… so, the chain would be P1, P2, and that would be my “64 step pattern”)…

Reason I ask is because sometimes I just want to loop something cool, while playing guitar over it… and sometimes I’m like “damn, I should have made that pattern 4 bars instead of 2.”


If you increase the length of a pattern, the previous pages are automatically copied over to the new ones, as long as the new pages are empty.

For example, on your 32 step pattern, you can simply increase the length to 64, and the first two pages of the pattern will be copied to the last two.


You can also copy/paste track pages.


Thx for all helpful replies… will try everything!

edit: just extending the pattern length to 64 worked perfectly. Didn’t think it would. But yeah, since they were both blank… perfect!

Just curious how to copy/paste track pages instead of copying an entire pattern somewhere else. :slight_smile:

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How exactly do I do that? Thx again!

Hold “page/scale” and press copy/clear/paste to do page operations.

(I don’t have an M:S in front of me and might have the name of the page button wrong)

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Hold the page button and press record/copy. This works for a few other things as well, like track sounds (hold track and press copy) and patterns (hold pattern+trig and press copy).

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Thanks again, so much. Page + Copy / Paste works great. Interestingly, it doesn’t copy any of the effects settings (or tempo) over… which is fine. Pattern copy/paste is much easier, to keep your reverb/delay stuff and consistency across everything. Didn’t realize that that’s the best approach. :slight_smile:

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You don’t need to hold FUNC in order to copy the track sound, just TRACK (not the pad for the track) + COPY.

To copy the track sequence (and not the whole pattern), you need to be in grid record mode (record button lit) and press FUNC+COPY.


Ah, I stupidly thought the track pad (1-6) needed to be held down. Not the TRACK (function) button. :slight_smile: Thanks!

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