Noise isolating headphones under $200 for xxl head?

Any recommendations for a set of studio headphones?

I would like the best noise isolation and comfort possible, the other things like flatness of response is less important though I want it to be decent.

I wear an xxl hat size, so they also have to adjust to be pretty large.

Something like below, except I don’t know how to measure or evaluate the noise isolation:


These are great for isolation, and sound pretty decent too:

I have the ATHM50Xes and, while they sound great, they don’t really block much out. My partner DJs with Sennheiser HD25s and they block out a ton of the outside world. They’re on-ear though instead of over ear which I don’t like.

Nice! One concern: reading the reviews on sweetwater they mentioned that these can run small – any thoughts? I have an xxl hat size, so I have to consider that.


That could be an issue. My head isn’t that big, and I remember them being a bit snug.

Thanks for confirming that! Too bad they look like great headphones!

Anybody have thoughts on the Sony MDR 7506 in terms of isolation?

I have a pair of sony noise canceling phones and their fit is great (though little isolation if the noise cancellation is off.)