Noob AR user, or defective AR?

Hi Guys,

I’ve only had an AR since Friday, and have only had about half a dozen hours to play with it, but i keep having this weird issue. I have had an OT and a MM for a few years, so I feel like I’m relatively comfortable with how Elektron put their machines together (though this may be my issue).

Basically I find while creating a kit, the synth section of a track will stop making sound. I’ve done the obvious checks,

  • I’ve checked the track level, and made sure that the filter or amp settings are all good.
  • If i turn up the sample section, i’ll get sound from the sample. (which rules out the filter and amp sections and any routing/mute settings)
  • I can switch the synth type (which should reset any weirdness i’ve dialed in, but still nothing)
  • I’ve reset the entire track settings with track+clear and yet, nothing.
  • I’ve reset the entire kit, and yet nothing.
  • If i switch kits, the track synth will start working again, but if i switch back to the defective kit, it stops again.
  • Restarting the machine has no effect.
  • No MIDI or USB cables are plugged in (edit)
  • Both the pads and the track trigs at bottom of the machine have this behavior.

It’s happened to me once on LT, once on HT and once on CY, so it’s not even like it’s a particular synth/analog block, unless the AR assigns these dynamically.

Can anyone think of anything i can try out to recover the tracks when this happens?

Only thing that comes to mind is that if you have any MIDI connections coming in to the AR, unplug them. Maybe some weird MIDI situation could cause something like that. Apart from that, I’d contact support, doesn’t sound right.

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Thanks for replying. No midi or usb connections. I’ll append my original post.

Having shared so much about the things you’ve tested I could only add that there are not many clues in what you are doing or exactly what happens that allow us to help … more details will help

things that come to mind

you mention working on a kit … are you cooling a voice ?

Do you realise that some synthesis models will not sustain infinitely, this is entirely normal

There are synth voices which subject to modulation could die off - check modulations and track locks

Maybe there’s a gating effect on the effects block that’s chopping the tail of a weakening synth tone

All guesses without more description of the simplest way to replicate


Thanks for the reply, I guess I should clarify. In two of the three instances of this, I had created a sound I was happy with, and had been jamming with it, tapping on the pads and/or trigs, recording patterns. Then at some point that same track won’t make any noise from the synth section from pad hitting, or in any of patterns that had previously been trigging that sound.

I am not expecting sustaining notes. I also checked and fiddled with the amp/filter sections to make sure that there wasn’t some kind of infinite release causing issues. Also, as I mentioned, if i turn up the sample section, that sounds and retriggers are you would expect, making me feel like that section of the box probably isn’t the issue.

I am not sure how to replicate the issue at this point. I think if i was able to replicate it, it’d also be able to undo it.

What does ‘cooling a voice’ mean? or did you mean creating a voice?

I also don’t feel it is the effects block, as that is global, and surely it would be affecting all tracks, not just one, and would also affect the sample section.

I might create a video when i’m home next so it’s possible to see the settings i have in place.

Ha . .whilst I was typing in the dark I was mindful of mis-typing … should have got through the auto spell correction better than that, but I tried to type choking (I can see that typing choling results in cooling)

Is it possible (unlikely) that you’ve locked the toggle for synth engine off, there are toggles for both as part of the track and these are lockable ? (Trig Page)

I mentioned the fx as I thought you may have been describing sound cutting out, maybe level based for a decaying sound - but you’re describing a more extreme scenario

I doubt you have a problem wit the unit, it’s just about nailing the root cause, the only similar issue I’ve seen reported was down to those toggles, but they don’t turn themselves off


Yeah, maybe I was hasty. While you’re learning, and run into issues, it’s of course due diligence to try if the problems persist with a very simple pattern.

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oh! I’ll check the trig page. thanks for all the replies guys, sometimes it’s just about getting the brain moving in the right direction.

so many <3s to the community here.

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Also, wouldn’t hurt to calibrate your rytm, and to run the diagnostic check as well while you’re at it.


Yep, total noob. It was the trig page, which is something I forget exists as it’s not in the OT/MM.

Thanks everyone for your patience.