Noob ? Can I change patterns from the A4?

I have my A4 MKII hooked up to 2 avalons via midi. Can I setup the A4 to somehow change patterns on the Avalons? Meaning I’m on pattern 1 on the A4 can I have it linked to pattern 1 on the avalon? Then when I switch to pattern 2 on the A4, the avalon switches to pattern 2?

You can.

You’ll need to enable MIDI PROGRAM CHANGE (PRG CH SEND) on the A4, from the Global / MIDI sync menu.

And on the Avalon, you will need to enable MIDI PROGRAM CHANGE (see manual section 10.1.9 MIDI PROGRAM CHANGE)

Make sure to set the same MIDI Input channel for the Avalon that the A4 is sending (The MIDI channel that will send program change messages on the A4 is set in the MIDI CHANNELS menu)


Thanks man, you’re the best. But I have 2 avalons. Wont there be a conflict if I assign the same midi channel to each avalon? Currently I have sync B going to one avalon MIdi in and daisy chained to the other avalon.

It depends on what you wish to accomplish or avoid.

Do you want both Avalons to switch patterns?

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Yeah I want to link the patterns on both avalons to whatever pattern I have on the A4

A4 P1 = Avalon 1 P1 Avalon 2 P1
A4 P2 = Avalon 1 P2 Avalon 2 P2

Then you will need to use a thru box. Since the Avalon doesn’t have MIDI thru, it won’t pass the program change via din sync ports, chained. It only passes on the clock.

A4 MIDI output to thru box, splitting the MIDI into both Avalon MIDI inputs.

Regarding channel conflicts. No issue for program change purposes, and since A4 doesn’t send MIDI sequence notes, setup is rather simple. You’ll use/assign a dedicated channel for program changes that both Avalons respond to.

Good luck.


Thanks, so I setup both Avalons to midi channel 14 (or whatever - the same) then enable program ch send on the A4 as well as set PROG CH OUT CH to 14 or the same as the avalons.

I’m looking through the avalon manual and don’t see anything about Midi program change.
I have a thru box actually.

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Was looking at an old manual. Got it.

Of course my Avalon doesn’t respond to pressing the random button and I’m on 1.06 OS as well. It says just press function / home then press random. My random is not lighting up.