Noob electrical question - does overbridge require any specific voltage/amperage to work?

Got me a powered usb3 hub and setting it up there’s a maximum ampere load it can handle, I’m calculating which devices I can hook up to it, cannot find any info regarding this on the overbridge manual, does anyone know if it takes up any amperes at all or is it just not doing any of that at all? What about midi over usb?

Sorry for the noob questions :joy:

If you’re not powering anything via usb you’ll be fine. If you are just make sure that you’ve got capacity in the hub. So if your device draws say 500mA make sure that port on the hub can supply 500mA or more. Add up the total currents drawn and ensure you’re not exceeding the total the hub can supply. Voltage will be fine.

Overbridge is just software afaik so that won’t place any load on the hub. Again midi is just a data stream between the host and device. There’s no electrical load involved.


Awesome! Thank you! The hub supports up to 4A, and the devices I’m hooking up to it already take 3A (microfreak, external HDD) plus small things like mouse, keyboard which I haven’t counted. Guess I can’t hook more things to it other than usb midi and overbridge :grinning:

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