Nord Drum 2 Techno (MM - Seq/Arp/FX)

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Only 4 voices from Nord Drum 2. No Monomachine synth voices.
Sequencing (including Arp) and FX by Monomachine.

Great little drum synth with lots of power and wide capabilities. Monomachine’s arp brings it to life when the voices are sequenced chromatically, on their own midi channels.


Really good !
Adam, would you mind explaining why you chose MnM over OT for such duty ?

MnM intrigues me…

I don’t own an OT so it wasn’t a choice of MM over OT. MM is my only hardware midi sequencer.

You could do the same with OT.

MM is a great synth and modular playground.
It’s 6 track midi sequencer aligns well with ND2’s 6 voices. They’re made for one another.

I just wanted to see how far I could get on 4 ND2 voices alone.
There’s room for more in this track, and I will develop it further with a few FM synth voices.

My mistake, I can see now it’s a piece of A4 that on the left :dizzy_face:

Listening to LEM playing with the MnM made me hesitate to get one, lately… And I really like the sound of it, I couldn’t reproduce those sounds with the Blofeld so far.

I really like the few beats you dropped lately on YT.


MM is great for FM and general weirdness. The filters are flexible for digital filters, just as Blofeld’s are, but in their own quirky MM way. They can be smooth, with proper gain staging going in, but also sharp and cutting.

Blofeld’s FM synthesis is limited, and MM’s take on FM is unique unto itself.
Like all things Elektron, parameter locks put it over the top. I think it’s the best Elektron for sound design, but it also requires the most from the user.

The main reason I’m pairing ND2 with it is to open up the internal voices for more neighbor routing /experimentation.
The first tune I ever made with MM was just a single voice with neighbor routing and loads of LFOs, and some Rytm drums:

Discovering that ND2 was powerful and deep enough for me to write whole tracks with it alone was a nice surprise.


I really feel like ND2 can do just about everything.

There are 6 FM models, and the Timbre does some REAL FUN stuff when automated in those models.
It’s not a bad little FM synth considering you can play the channels chromatically. Somewhat similar to MM on the FM side, as you’re working from pre-defined algorithms.

Very cool Adam. The nd2 is a seceret weapon for sure. The lack of other video performances (good or bad) is strange to me considering how great it does sound.

I’m sure I’ll make quite a few more. :slight_smile:

:+1: :alien:

Super cool, Adam – thanks for sharing. You do much with the MnM’s internal effects on this one? Lately I’ve been experimenting with processing its own FM/BBOX percussion lines with various bus combinations and have been pleasantly surprised at the results.

I’m totally gasing on the MM thanks to you mate…

Guys, how does the MM compare to the MD on the synthesis side ?
Is the MM more versatile ? Can it approach MD sounds ?

Am I completely hi-jacking this thread ? :confused:

I love these jams. Keep 'em coming!

Very cool Adam! More please! :joy:

There are two FX tracks.
The ND2 input track, which is Compressor.
There is a master bus reverb track, processing 1khz and above.
I do a litte delay work within the reverb track here and there.

MM can’t replace MD, and MD can’t replace MM.
They’re in different spaces.

MM has many synthesis types, a solid sequencer for polyphony purposes, and max 6 voices at a time. Yea, you can make MD sounds but you’re limited by the voice count.

Watch Cenk’s workflow video on MM. It gives you a good idea of what it can do.

OK, I’m gonna get one. I believe 650€ is a very good price…

My wife will kill me… But I think it’s worth it.


A not so good price for a Mk1.
A good price for a Mk2
A great price for a Mk2+Drive

MM mk2 +Drive, not very used but more than 3-years old.
Plus I have to pass by the seller’s home in 2 weeks, so I won’t have to pay for additional fees.

I’ve talked to the guy for hours, I cannot just let this occasion go like this, can I ?